The consternation in a small Thurgau car garage is large. “We don’t know how to do it with the company. For the Moment, we have decided to keep on working normally,” says a mechanic to VIEW.

The sad reason: garage owner Andreas F.* (†59) died on Saturday in Herisau with his helicopter fatal. His life partner Annette W.* (56) is according to the police of the Canton Ausserrhoden still in critical condition.

she owes her life to a hastily summoned helpers who managed to pull the woman out just in time from the burning wreckage. For Andreas F. any help came too late. His great Hobby, flying Helicopters, he was at the fatal doom.

hobby pilot made more than ten years of accident-machine

The crashed aircraft is a in the year 2011 registered a kit helicopter type Robinson R22. “He bought the kit for the Heli in the US and during more than a decade, self-assembled,” says a friend of the VIEW. F. have lived for his Hobby.

To his great passion for flying F. also gave the employees in his Garage part: Last one of the most successful apprentice for his final exam by the Chef got offered a flight.

Now, friends and Acquaintances, the anxious question, whether with the of Andreas F.-built Self-made Heli a little crooked was. The machine of the handicraft gifted Mechanic had a technical Problem?

Andreas F. wanted to apparently make an emergency landing

This presumption said a witness of the crash, even on weekends, to GLANCE: “He flew very low and made loud rattling noises.”

The Pilot had made the largest effort to keep the helicopter straight up in the air and still desperate for a land of opportunity sought. Without Success. While Andreas F. died on the accident, fears for the environment is still a partner, Annette W.

“Andreas behind a big gap. He is very involved in the village. Also, Annette is very popular,” says the friend.

Meanwhile, the aircraft accident investigation Swiss competent safety investigation Board (Saib) has opened a procedure. Still no findings on the cause of a crash are.

*names have been changed