Kettlebell, dumbbells, medicine ball and co. you can forget currently! Now the Bulgarian Bag fight to the Pole Position among the training devices.

The Bulgarian Bag to a German “Bulgarian sandbag”, originally comes from the fitness training of a professional wrestler.

in the Meantime, Amateur athletes, Personal trainers and Hollywood Stars have, but the potential of the half-moon-shaped punching bag is detected.

Halle Berry is addicted presented in accordance with the Bulgarian Bag

On Instagram, as one of the First actress Halle Berry will become your new favorite tool in the Gym.

Personal Trainer Peter Lee Thomas, had her introduced to the Bulgarian Bag for the first Time in the framework of their joint Workouts.

Berry writes on Instagram: “I’m addicted! We have these bags for strength training, Cardio, Plyometrics, and what you think of else.”

What is a Bulgarian Bag?

device In a training, after the Stars are addictive, and it is so versatile, you will, of course, noisy. What is behind this wonder weapon for the Gym or Workout at home?

The Bulgarian Bag is one with several handles equipped half-moon. The bag is usually made of fabric, leather, synthetic leather or plastic and filled with Sand. The weight ranges from five to 23 kilograms.

the Bulgarian sand bag was Invented by the national coach of the U.S. wrestling team, Ivan Ivanov.

Training with The Bulgarian Bag

the Training with The Bulgarian Bag is a full-body Workout. Especially the Core muscles, so the centre of the body, is stabilized by the Exercises with the weight.

in addition, the sand bag is a Upgrade for each power-endurance Training: Bodyweight Exercises such as pull UPS, pushups, or Planks can even more intense design.

More plus points:You can strengthen his neck and shoulder muscles, as well as the grip power and forearm muscles. This is not only for wrestlers, but also, for example, for climbers interesting.

For whom is the Training with the Bulgarian Bag?

no Matter whether recreational athletes, the Athlete with little experience in strength training or Olympic: The Bulgarian Bag is suitable for both beginners and professionals alike. Before the first use, not necessarily an introduction to the coach reservation, in order to avoid injuries!

The Workout with the sand bag is intended to improve the General Fitness and flexibility as well, as well as Maximum and power – and a lot of fun. The summons, at least, Hollywood Star Halle Berry.

Lisa Gutknecht

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