If there comes a good moment for the indexation of pensions to working pensioners, as it has already occurred, the best time you can imagine. A pandemic isolation, a sharp drop in income…

Judge for yourself: retired, as the whole country, sitting at home in the mode of self-isolation. A President who cares about the elderly as o coronavirus most vulnerable group of the population already invited them and after removing the restriction, not to hurry to leave home to remain in isolation. However, did not specify how long they still reside in the voluntary-compulsory imprisonment.

What happens? Risk group (65+) for the period of the pandemic in any case lose their financial income. The most compassionate employers in the best case for the quarantine period to reduce their salaries. Not the most compassionate send them to the free holiday for an indefinite period.

in fact, the income of older people declined markedly. While according to official statistics they are considered running.

As they say, all in the suit.

to stop the endless talking about care about people and to observe the norms of social justice, it is necessary here and now to working pensioners begin to index pensions, which were frozen in 2016 moreover, to compensate for four years, the losses that veterans have suffered as a result of the indexation of their pensions.

All right and socially just. When else if not now?! The process of indexing, theoretically, it may even start from 1 June this year.

But the question of indexation bluntly put, the deputies of the State Duma. The draft Federal law developed parliamentary group of the party of “Growth” of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.

To indexing has reached the addressee, an initiative of the Petersburg legislators must be supported by their older brother – the State Duma. Then the highest legislative body of the country will make changes in the Federal legislation. And all working pensioners will start to indexed payments as non-performing.

Who believes that the deputies of the state Duma will vote for the initiative?

What spears break politicians and experts to secure the indexation of the basic law, when at the beginning of the year was discussed numerous amendments to the Constitution!

Nothing happened, officials found thousands of reasons not to prescribe this provision in the basic law.

the Last time Federal Parliament has cut the idea in the Bud in November 2017, Citing the fact that funds for its implementation no. But now they are not even more!..

Turns out, in vain tried those who are fighting for the principles of social justice. Now, if for these principles struggled the most in the state Duma, said: – the period of the pandemic would have passed in our country are milder without about��of strani.

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