the Russians, who continue to work on udalenke, spoke about the pros and cons of this mode. Nearly 22.8 per cent of citizens complained to the relatives, because they distracted from the performance of official duties. It is reported RT with reference to the survey of the Fes.

one in five respondents (21 percent) admitted that he could not properly organize the work day, 13 percent gets to work poor communication with colleagues, almost 12.5 percent of survey participants said. that continue to work when the working day is over. Overall, however, almost a quarter of respondents — 24.8 percent — do not see the remote mode of operation with no drawbacks.

Speaking about the positive sides, the Russians say no need to spend time on the road (35.1 percent), the ability to select the location that is more convenient to work (17 per cent), while almost 15 percent of citizens indicate the ease of planning of the working day. In addition, to 8.29 percent of respondents said the main advantage was the lack of participation in office life and gossip.

Now the Russians can work from home even if the format of the activities is not provided employment contract. Employers can use this opportunity “to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection”.