IT-integrator Gaskar Group invested in the company Wokka Lokka known for developing technologies that formed the basis of the application “Social monitoring” of the Moscow city hall. Together they plan to invest $1.5 million in the creation of “smart watches” for builders that will allow you to reallocate staff in real time and to monitor the health of employees. Mostly such a product can be interesting to developers for tracking employees, how to invest in the health of low-skilled workers for them there is no economic sense, experts warn.The founders of the Kemerovo company “Vacaloca” (brand Wokka Lokka) 3 Jul entered Regina Sadvokasova, the main owner of the company “Gaskar Consulting”, a member of the Group Gaskar, from the data “SPARK-Interfax”. She received 45% of the company, of 31.5% and 13.5%, respectively, was retained by the founders Wokka Lokka — minority shareholder of another company Gaskar Group LLC “Gaskar Integration” Igor Afanasiev, and Eugene Salute, and another 10% received the CEO Wokka Lokka Alena Kropotova.The deal took to technology based startup to develop a smart watch for workers on construction sites, said Gaskar Group. There said “Kommersant” that in the development of the system is planned to invest about $1.5 million Smart watches will track workers ‘ movements on the sites and to redistribute them, and consider vital signs. The cost of one set will be about 3 thousand roubles a month. “The owner of the developer, which usually appears at the construction site in a suit once a week, will be able to reallocate workers to objects in real time,” explained Igor Afanasiev.Gaskar Group is the Russian integrator of IT solutions in the field of construction. The group works closely with the city of Moscow, developing methods of construction management to Fund the renovation and providing services for the monitoring of construction projects. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, a key group company, OOO “Gaskar Integration” own Eric Gimatov (55%), OOO “Lider-M” Rustam Slimline (25%), Igor Afanasyev (15%) and Rinat Saitov (5%). Revenue “Gaskar Integration” in 2019 amounted to 159.5 million rubles., net profit — 3,4 million rubles. Wokka Lokka — developer of “smart hours” and app to track location of a child. The company is also known for its partnership with the city of Moscow: according to Russian service BBC, her code was the basis of the application “Social monitoring” to track patients with coronavirus, the quality of which has caused a lot of criticism (see “Kommersant” on 3 June).Interviewees “b” experts say that in General, the tracking technology is not new and similar solutions are already applied in other industries. “It is rather a new application of existing technologies, monitoring the location of the person and his physical condition, which will require specific onconstruction. Have not heard that now the construction used such solutions, but similar technology is used in Railways to monitor the physical condition of drivers of trains”,— said the Executive Director of the Association of Russian developers and manufacturers of electronics Ivan Pokrovsky.According to the CEO of IT-company “Mobile solutions for the construction of” Paul Shalagina, the use of such tools is most relevant for major industrial enterprises, where the cost of failure is large. “I doubt that commercial developers will actively use a smart watch for construction workers in the near future,” he said.Director TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov also indicates that already there are attempts to use sensors on people, especially taxi drivers or public transport, so they are not processed. “In the case of this development, I think, despite the fact that declared health care, she will need to monitor the staff — not to allow to take time off from work,” he said. Commercial Director at CommuniGate Systems Russia Vladimir Bugrov agrees that the peculiarities of Russian development market, including the use of low-skilled labor, say that the reason to invest in the health of employees to business has no.Nikita Korolev