Workers of registry offices asking if it is possible to postpone the wedding

Employees of the registry office asked residents of the eagle if possible, to postpone his visit to them for marriage. But the statement promised to take in normal mode.

Office of the Registrar’s office in the Orel region continues to operate, informs GTRK “Orel”, but it is possible changes in the schedule. Such measures are introduced in order to combat the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. As of March 26, the reception will take place in the first half of the day. However, as explained, is a temporary measure. As soon as the situation stabiliziruemost, work schedule will resume.

In case of urgent need, you can use the online resource: an application to the Registrar’s office is submitted through the portal of public Services.

Note that this year’s calendar a few symbolic dates, in trying to celebrate a wedding. For example, in Moscow more than a thousand couples have chosen to solemn registration of marriage symbolic date — 20.02.2020 year. This year the most popular for weddings are numbers 2, 20 and 22 February, as this combination contains a large number of twos.

Text: GTRK “eagle”