Here it looks like a Open-Air: folding chairs in rows of four on the road edge, barrier tape everywhere. The 34,6 km long Woodward Avenue between Pontiac and Detroit in the U.S. state of Michigan is waiting for the big rush: On Saturday 40’000 classic Cars will be on the road for a stroll.

But the Framing is not official. Die-hard “Petrol Heads” have planted in your chair in the first row, as tourists on the ball man to Lie your beach towel to reserve. The main thing is that the pole position when the Parade of the Woodward Dream Cruise Fans can be the heart of the Oldie-beat.

The sheet party

You know the photos of abandoned factories, where the files are on the desks, as the office of rubber would be gone only briefly for Lunch. From the navel of the automotive world in the 1960s to XXL-industrial wasteland in the city centre, you could not even during the day on the street car: Detroit has an unprecedented descent behind. Ruins, migration, social unrest, crime, and the paint was starting in the town of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. After all, thanks to investors, it slowly goes up again in the “Motor City”.

However, the Woodward Dream Cruise has always been there. The “Petrol Head”-Parade dates back to the 1950s, when owners of Vintage vehicles at the Woodward Drive met spontaneously to the exit. The glitz and the crowds came but only from 1995, at the height of Detroit’s crisis. Celebrate against the Depression.

The road will burst today at the seams, when the polished vintage cars to – cautiously estimated – to-roll-a-Million visitors pass from traffic light to traffic light. Dilapidated Sheet-Metal Boxes? Wrong! A Lincoln Continental built 1965 rolls up next to a 1969 Dodge Challenger. Behind it is a Corvette C1 follows from the year of 1957, together with a 1971 Ford Torino. Detroit celebrates – not least of all, himself.

Of the dead and the frogs

“It is just great, I’ve been coming here for 19 years,” says Tim Wanke, called a green 1968 Chevrolet Impala of his Own. “In this trunk for five Dead fit,” laughs his friend, Bill Stenquist, comes in with his Chevrolet Camaro (built in 1967) since 1996.

The mood is resolved. No one takes themselves too seriously. Dan Gauthier has left his 1970’s Plymouth Satellite at the original poison green, and a few years ago, even repainted. The car is littered with dolls with Frog. “My ancestors were French-Canadians, that’s why I get in high school the nickname of Frog. So I bought 18 years ago this car,” explains the Chrysler employees. The frogs, he’s given away to children on the roadside.

The road looks Pink

Jeannie and Kenny are specially came from Pennsylvania to Detroit, to Miss Pinky presented to the astonished audience. Kenny, a skilled mechanic, began in 1991, to modify the Chevy Born in 1934, according to his ideas, and today it is still there.

The chromed engine block with the gigantic intake manifold rises as a Monument to sheer force from the engine room. The “Big Block”engine generates a monstrous 803 HP, the mega-wide rubber rollers are responsible for ensuring that the power is down on the ground. “When I step on the Gas, I can drive the first 400 meters straight ahead,” laughs Kenny. His wife wants a Nitro-Gas plant, however, is difficult: “I don’t know where I should put all this under,” explains Kenny.

Even so, all of the motors with a minimum of eight pots for the right music along the Route. And each flourish from the exhaust pipes is celebrated with cheers and a Toast with Budweiser bottles. Here is Detroit’s soul still beats in time with the piston.