25 years Ago was caused by the brand, Wonderbra, with a poster on Times Square in New York (USA) 1994 sensation. On a huge Billboard featured the Model Eva Herzigová (46) in a Push-up bra, and greeted seductively with the words “Hello Boys”.

Despite the accidents, the best poster of all time

For the time, a titillating poster was not only daring, but a real eye-catcher – accidents, at least according to the car. Because while the poster hung in proud Size above the road, was distracted many a driver, so it came to countless rear-end collisions.

The Czech Model Herzigová and the Push-up-Bras of the Labels were in the wind world-famous. So the “Hello Boys”poster, 2011 the best poster of all times advertising chosen.

“Hello Girls”

Today, Wonderbra has lost popularity, but still important Statements of Power-women. 25. Anniversary of the legendary advertising, has come up with the Lingerie store Figleaves a new Slogan. Together with a Wonderbra and the charity CoppaFeel, Figleaves called the “Hello Girls”campaign. On the new photo you can now see a woman who looks at her Décolletée and no longer “Boys” but “Girls” greets you.

The idea behind it plays on breast cancer. Today, one out of every eight women develops around the world. The three companies want to urge all women to examine themselves regularly and thus to detect cancer at an early stage.

provocation, since 1935

The brand shows, once more, of their provocative strategy. The Good thing about it? The marketing idea works, because Wonderbra has existed since 1935 and is part of the dinosaurs among the Lingerie label. Today the Label for his quick breakthrough is known – the so-called Wonderbra is a miracle.

you will Find some famous Wonderbra models in the gallery.