The Swiss national team meets at the Start of the European championship qualification 2021 to Lithuania. Before the Ball is in the Lipo-Park in Schaffhausen on Tuesday (19 hours), and comes in rolls, it is to be in the stadium according to. A prolonged round of applause in honor of Flori Jana Ismaili († 24), who died tragically in June. Not a traditional minute of silence so. In addition, each player will wear black armbands.

review. 14. June was the last national team game in Serbia. On the court as a leader: the Ismaili. It was a special game for the from Berne with Albanian. Only two weeks later, the news of your deadly Badeunfalls shocked, Switzerland. The circumstances are not further clarified.

Three points in the memory of Ismaili

Now, the Swiss team compete for the first time in an official international match. The game against Lithuania is the prelude to the EM-Quali 2021. The first three points should also be in memory of the 33-times national player brought in.

in addition to “flourishing” is also missing the Name Lara Dickenmann on the match sheet. The 33-Year-old recently announced her resignation from the national team. The world Cup in France was supposed to be in last June, the big highlight of the career. It was not to be.

But already in the autumn of 2018 big man suffered a cruciate ligament injury and had to be fit for the rest of the season. Among other things, by their failure Final against European Champions Holland was a tear in the world Cup-Barrage-nothing.

The world Cup in thickness’s second home was held without a Switzerland. “My gut feeling told me after the missed world Cup qualification 2019, that is the right time for a resignation from the national team,” said the fat man.

A bitter aftertaste for the “Grande Dame” of Swiss football. In 17 years in the national Dress, she graduated from games 135 countries and scored 35 goals. Thus, the thickness of a man is not only a record player, but also record goalscorer. (bib)