safety is nowadays a top priority – Bicycle and Ski with a helmet dangers on every cigarette pack warnings, and the car beeps and warns you if it pulls in too close to something. Whole industries are working to make their products as safe as possible for use.

you do this but often only half of adults – namely, for men. Women remain in the planning of the security to often the outside. The reason: engineers and designers are, for historical reasons, is still mostly male – and it doesn’t seem to come often in the sense, their products for women mitzuplanen.

For women, there are consequences. Some are annoying, such as when tools are consistently aligned with men’s hands, and a normal woman’s hand can’t reach you properly. Or if shelves to hang in stores near the top and closures in such a way, that applying you as a woman.

Other consequences, however, are not only uncomfortable, but even dangerous. For Example, Driving A Car. Known this for a long time: A study of the U.S. University of Virginia has already shown in 2011 that for women the risk to incur in a car accident, serious injuries, and is by 47 percent greater than for men. Risk of dying from the is according to a study by the U.S. Department of Transportation from the year 2013, 17 percent higher than in men. The reason is that For a car are seats, the distance to the steering wheel and head restraints for men designed.

in Addition, are set to crash test Dummies, the seats during the Tests at the wheel, and also on men’s proportions, such as the British “Guardian” reported in March of this year.

A demand for German car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and the BMW Group shows that None of them could confirm that Tests at least 50 percent women-Dummies, so, dolls, female-sitting-weight and female proportions, at the wheel. And both referred to the EU-law, such a thing does not require.

This fact was already criticized last year in an international Congress on road safety. Astrid Lindner, the head of the Swedish research Institute for road safety and transport research, pointed out on the occasion of a lecture on what the consequences: women have less muscles in the torso and in the neck-and-neck Region than men and are up to three Times more susceptible to whiplash.

Dangerous: Alexa does not understand women correctly

Although there is today smart voice recognition systems in cars, which injured women could call an ambulance, but unfortunately, the systems react to male voices, the industry made blog attention. It is only when women lower the voice, the System responds. The Problem has been the automotive industry, in common with others: the Home-Service System of Alexa is not responding often to women’s voices.

The engineers here evil intent, is wrong – it is probably more so that in the first versions, until the error is detected, simply not thinking of it, woman to involve a series of votes in the test. What is normally annoying, can be dangerous if it is an emergency – like a break-in, if Alexa is to be encouraged to dial the emergency call. There only remains the grip to the phone.

But also because there is unfortunately a Problem in large-scale models: The most expensive devices from Apple and Samsung, so the coolest, with the most of the technical bells and whistles, according to the manufacturer’s instructions from a width of about 7.8 centimeters. As a woman, not a come along is because with the thumb directly on the call button! Camera operation with only one Hand, for men will not be a Problem for women in most of the models impossible, even if it would be in an emergency situation, maybe important to a picture shoot.

it is time that women take the Whole into their own hands, their own Start-ups reasons and technical solutions for your everyday problems. Just stupid, that investors prefer to give men money. The author, Caroline Criado Perez your just in English published book “Invisible Women” (Invisible women) shows: 93% of the investors, she writes, are men – and they awarded her money to men.

there is a current study which demonstrates that this is economically stupid: The US consulting firm Boston Consulting Group with 90 branches spread across the globe in 2018, in a large-scale study has shown that female entrepreneurs receive less than half of the investment capital of investors than male entrepreneurs. Although they generate in comparison, more than twice as much as the male investors. On every Dollar invested, the business would be made in an average of 81 cents profit. In the case of the entrepreneurs, it was a meager 31 cents.

women’s problems are not problems

but It’s the only way that female investors get less money, it is also economically lucrative fields lie fallow, because they relate to women’s issues. The medical area provides a number of examples.

Any woman with children who had to operate with a breast pump, white: The things are a nightmare. Woman sits there, presses several times a day for at least twenty minutes a hard, uncomfortable thing to each breast, which hurts and bad works. How difficult can it be to develop a working, comfortable, anschnallbare breast pump? For a market that is according to research by the U.S. magazine “The New Yorker” 700 million dollars per year worth it?

Or, the all-female issue of the Prolapse? Never heard of it? It is a purely female pelvic floor problem, in which the organs of the press through the thinning vaginal wall. According to some studies, suffer 37 percent of all women under a Form thereof, ten percent of all women will need at some point an Operation. The education or the medical research for the optimal prevention or even the best surgery is poor – in the UK a scandal is even going on because Thousands of women plastic nets were operated in the vaginal wall inflamed, later, women, disabled, left behind, and even resulted in death in some cases.

security, medicine, technology, Business, the world is against us women. And who now as a woman slowly get sick of the attacks, perhaps to the chill pill – but wait! Also, since the medicine is biased: An incorrect dosage can cause risks and side effects or strengthen; and various technical papers and articles in the last few years show that pharmaceutical – company drugs test often gender-specific differences. There is even a technical term: “gender gap in health research” is the name of the fact – or in English: “the Gender gap in health research”.

Of the three asked pharmaceutical giant, Roche, Bayer, and Pfizer, has no one even responds to the question of whether they were in the case of drugs tests to ensure that the test groups consisted of at least 50 percent women – and whether they tested the effect on men and women separately. Similarly, it looked for a long time at the knee joint implants. Their preparation was based on data from 3000 US recruits, although two-thirds of recipients are female.

in Spite of all: Hooray, we’re still alive!

For women includes the fact that the information on the package inserts for you are often wrong, the medication is dosed too high. On the other, is not tested for various drugs, how they actually operate on the hormonally quite different regulated body, the household of women. Time, as a woman open a bottle of champagne and toast with us: Hooray, we’re still alive!

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Jennifer Alvarez is an investigative journalist and is a correspondent for European Union. She is based in Zurich in Switzerland and her field of work include covering human rights violations which take place in the various countries in and outside Europe. She also reports about the political situation in European Union. She has worked with some reputed companies in Europe and is currently contributing to USA News as a freelance journalist. As someone who has a Masters’ degree in Human Rights she also delivers lectures on Intercultural Management to students of Human Rights. She is also an authority on the Arab world politics and their diversity.