a Resident of London caught fire and died because of the inflammable body cream. About it reports local news portal Standard.

the 83-year-old Yvonne Webb (Yvonne Webb) smeared soothing cream dryness and irritation of the skin. Then she tried to light a candle and accidentally set himself on fire. Neighbors extinguished the fire and took Webb to the hospital where she died.

the dead woman’s Son, Ben, spoke about his mother’s death to warn others about the dangers of moisturising creams. Fire and rescue service London confirmed that such cosmetic products contain paraffin, oil, and natural oil components which are easily ignited. Representatives of the Ministry said that over the past three years, 16 people in London died in a fire caused by the ignition of cream.

fire Officer Paul Jennings (Paul Jennings) said that when you use moisturizer to avoid fire. This is especially true of older people who can fall asleep with a lit cigarette or candle to start the fire.

Earlier it was reported that 67-year-old German pensioner confused found on the beach of yellow phosphorus with amber and the result was third degree burns. The substance ignited at the man in his pocket.