The 14. June is the big day of protest. With strikes, demonstrations and actions of thousands of women want to demand loudly that gender equality is finally a fact.

But a good five weeks before the big woman’s strike, there’s trouble. Among the various regional committees and left-wing politics internal disagreement prevails, of all things, in the question, what is the role of the men on the day of the woman’s strikes.

“men should clean, wash and toilet”

calling a Single Committee, that only women are allowed to take part – the men would look at this day in the Public. So about Manuela Honegger (38), a member of the national Committee of woman, strike said, in the Western Swiss media: “men are to beware of children, the household, to wash, to the Old and sick to care, and office cleaning the Toilets.”

the Association of the staff of public services (VPOD) don’t want to see men on the street: “The men are called to show solidarity with the women’s strike, and to support him by doing everything we can to enable women’s participation in the strike”, it says on their Homepage. SP-national councillor Flavia water hits (40) in the same notch. “The March is for the men less on the road,” from Berne. The opportunities for men to support the women of the woman’s strike, but they were many and varied.

“men are very welcome,”

Otherwise, it sounds in your Bernese national councillor Mrs Regula Rytz (57). “In the demonstrations and actions on the road, the men are very welcome,” says the President of the Green party. The strike, however, are women, according to Rytz, such as the women’s strike in 1991.

The green national councillor Sibel Arslan (38), in turn, prompts men to strike: “The men mitstreiken, eager to join forces, or otherwise somehow with the women’s strike must show solidarity.” The girl from Basel, Switzerland asks the men, the sole purpose is to accept a ‘no’. There are very many different strike will give actions. If to some men it may be, should be accepted.

men are unsettled

Yes, a little, or not at all – men who would go on a woman strike the road, are uncertain whether this is at all desired. For Markus, Anna home (44) would be active participation as a matter of course: “The day is: Mrs strike, but we as a society need to go on strike for a long-overdue change. This is a matter that concerns all of us,” says the Co-President of the gender Commission of the SP of the Canton of Zurich. All advanced couples would be excluded by any men spell on the woman to strike wrongly.

Anna’s home Mission of the woman’s strike: He wants to bring attention to the posters on Gender stereotypes. “A Boy is strong and not crying, a girl smiles pretty and is frugal: you may not be. Must rise up in opposition to men and women, ed. Because suffering, in the end, do all the families.” If he is allowed this is uncertain.

men should uncertainty be felt

Also Fabian Mollina (28) has the 14. June dick in his Agenda painted. What he does to this day, however, and in the stars. He will certainly mitstreiken solidarity. Whether on the move or with a different task – it has to be open, so the SP national councillor. “Whether the men should participate in the actual strike, you need to decide the cantonal women’s collective.”

It remains for many men, therefore, unclear, whether, and where, at 14. June welcome. What would be a good experience, as Molina says: “It does the men good, that for once you will feel a great uncertainty. These experiences, Yes, usually the women.”

“women’s strike”: the day of protest is on 14. June. But why the asterisk? The organizers want to appeal to all people who define themselves as women, including trans and intersex people. In the French language, such art does not handle is necessary: In the Romandie, the day is simply “grève féministe”.

The woman strike day begins quite loudly: In the whole of Switzerland women* be on 14. June usher at 00: 01 am the woman day of the strike with pan concerts.

11.00 the big strike break starts then. It Manifests and demands to be read: in The workplace, in the neighborhood meeting and in public places, as the women’s strike is called on the Homepage of the Organisers. In the lunch break, then pick to be organised picnics and other strike-eat.

at 15: 24 on women*, and not the whole day on strike, at the latest of their work, the claim of the Committee to the women. The clock was a symbolic time, representing the difference in Pay to men. “From now on, we no longer are paid, so we work well.”

In each Canton were their own women’s strike-a Collective founded, which is currently with the high-pressure promotions and events planning. In Zurich, for instance, the climax takes place at 17 p.m.: The Demonstration through the city. It is granted and ends on the Helvetia square, where Speeches, concerts, actions to take place. In Bern, Federal square will be the epicenter of the protests.

But not just at 14. June – previously, various events are held in the municipalities and cities, which are the missing broach the issue of equality between a man and a woman. In the Valais, about every second Monday is held since last December, a round-table discussion.

An Overview of the events in the cantons interested can find here:

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