Hans Schmocker served long years as a pastor in Lützelflüh, where once Jeremias Gotthelf the word of God has proclaimed. Meanwhile, pastor Schmocker is retired and lives in the old town of Bern. In front of his window in 1. Floor, he had hanged recently, a Banner with the Logo of the women’s strikes – and thus, apparently, the wrath of passers-by attracted: The Flag was torn down.

The woman’s strike from the coming Friday brings the lords of creation flowing. On the Website of the “Tages-Anzeiger” have gained this week, many readers air. One writes: “more and more men see through your perfidious double moral standards.” At all, says another, “this is a Demo of superfluous as a cancer”.

My fellow Dana Liechti and Aline Wüst reported in Sunday’s view from last week, why are women in the world of work feel discriminated against. It was reported by the cleaning ladies, nurses and daycare employees. You wrote about precarious working conditions, poor wages and a lack of appreciation.

The Swiss Federal office for the equality of woman and man has, meanwhile, published a list with Links to studies and statistics on the topic of domestic violence.

You will be told about: 2018 registered in Switzerland 18 522 domestic violence charges. In the previous year, there were still the 17 024. In nine cases out of ten, the danger man goes. The number of killed wives, life partners, Ex-wives and Ex-partners increased from 21 to 27.

in other words: Every two weeks is killed in Switzerland a woman from your Partner.

You must not be a feminist to scare since. How can in the face of such Numbers, anyone on the idea that one should not denounce these abuses to the public? Every person – whether man, whether woman – must push for an end to such abuses!

But it needs to happen with a strike? This point provides, in many places, particularly for outrage. “Why women cannot go on strike on Saturday?” asks someone in a reader’s comment on “20 minutes online”. “Oh, I forgot, there’d go the valuable free time on it.”

interestingly, most of these readers are written by way of posts during office hours. So far, at least, more lost working hours due to the criticism of the woman’s strike than the strike itself.

And certainly, for example, alienates, during a soccer world Cup a lot more working purpose. Because then all the male employees watching the games, to provide instead of own performance.

In the Rest of the stands for the next Friday to worry about the strike dragging women by the fans and drinking beer through the streets, in doorways, urinating and trains lay waste, as it occurs before and after Games in the Swiss football championship from male side again and again.

In this sense: those Who have faced the objectives of the women’s strike – in spite of their permission – still skeptical, you should at least stay relaxed.

also Relaxes Hans Schmocker shows, by the way. The retired priest has a new wife, strike-Flag. She is now a floor higher.