Together, romp, eat, sing and play: more Than 30 children scurrying about every day through the rooms of the Kita Matahari, a daycare with two locations in the city of Bern. In two weeks, however, the doors of the two day-care centres will remain locked. It is day: woman strike.

“We’re on strike,” confirms managing Director Darina Hürlimann (39) opposite VIEWS. And the whole Team of a total of 18 women and three men. Throughout the day.

“Of absolute understanding to a complete lack of understanding”

The parents informed Hürlimann about three weeks, so that you can timely organize the care of the children. The reactions were completely different. “Of absolute understanding, and support up to a complete lack of understanding,” adds the Head of the privately run institutions.

Matahari is not the only nursery,, the on 14. June sealing power. Christine Flitner (61), responsible for the areas of equality and education of the trade Union SSP / VPOD, and white are already the strike of the “several dozen,” day-care centres, where the staff members. “It’s growing by the day,” she says. The most striking-not the whole day, close but already at noon or at 15.30 – to four-fifths of the normal working hours, because women on average earn around 20 percent less than men.

undervalued profession?

The trade Union called on the children’s supervisors explicitly the right to stop work. The Association has prepared model letters which day care centers can send to the parents concerned. “We apologize for the inconvenience”, it means it. And: “We invite you to support the action and if possible participate in it.”

Just a day-care centre employees would have to strike all of the reason, says trade unionist Flitner. “They are extremely important for the compatibility of family and career. Nevertheless, the job is rated as.”

The Darina Hürlimann looks of the Kita Matahari so: in The Morning you’ll therefore discuss the team internally, the Central demands of the women’s strikes. “It is important for me to raise the awareness of particularly our young employees,” she says. After that, you take part actively in the program, the actions and Demos. “That through the participation in the strike, some of the mothers in Distress and, therefore, large mothers have to step in, shows that we now have to put a sign.”

The trade Union SSP / VPOD finds, meanwhile, that don’t have to take care of the grandparents, but of the fathers to the offspring. This desire is in the letters of the strike of the daycare centers have been at the parents explicitly expressed. “Finally, should it not be that the day-to-strike leads to the fact that women can’t be on strike,” said Flitner. For emergencies, the day-care centres would organize a “minimal service”. “We don’t want to let the parents down.”

money back? Wrong!

Many nurseries fear though, that this impression could arise, and therefore opting not to participate in the strike. “The best way we can support this movement, if we are the custodians of the children. So can connect the mothers to the strike,” says Frédéric Chave, Director of the Swiss section of the Kita Pop and Poppa, to the “Tribune de Genève”.

No sympathy for the strikers childminders also Kita-owner and SVP of shows-national councillor Nadja Pieren (39): “I think it’s from the parents, so to our customers, not fair when you are forced to because of a Demo, to stay at home.” Especially in a nursery with many children from socially vulnerable families, additional care can be a financial Problem, there you to consider.

Kita-money for the fancy day, the Kita Matahari will not be refunded to the parents in the Other. Hürlimann: “It is like an airline. When these strike, there is also no money back or a free flight with another Airline.”

Also, many schools and kindergartens will be at the 14. June strike. Parents need to do about it, but no Worries. “It is clear that the school held for the children and their care must be fully guaranteed,” says Franziska Peter Hans (60) from the teachers Association of Switzerland. Teachers who want to participate in the strike, must fight to the Canton or school lessons, the failure to compensate for hours or for the day vacation refer to.

In the Canton of Zurich, for example, it is planned that in each of the School buildings, the work already in the morning to 11 PM is deposited. “In solidarity with colleagues to take the classes so that Kindergarten teachers can strike people,” says Ursina Zindel (39), President of the Zurich nursery Association.

mean While the woman strike for the teachers, an additional organization can look forward to students: Several cantons, including Bern and Vaud, have asked the school managements, on 14. June no exams to perform. Lea Hartmann