A family drama rocked in October 2017, the 559-inhabitants-village of Wasterkingen in the Zürcher unterland. Maso T.* (52) strikes down his wife Refadija T.* (†45) in the common house. On Wednesday, the family made the father because of intentional homicide in the district court of Bülach, ZH of the process.

The attack of 17. October 2017, a dispute between the couple. Maso T., Ex-career officer of the Serbian army, locked in place. He reaches for the kitchen knife, stabbing several times at his wife. The stitches you make on the left upper arm, right shoulder and right cheek. Then he stabs his wife with the 20-centimeter-long blade in the left chest area.

Refadija T. (†45) bled out on the scene

At the time of the fact three of the four children – the two sons, then 12 and 16 years old, and their 13-year-old sister, also in the house. Shortly after the fact, a distress call from the house on the corner is dispatched to the rose street. Police and a rescue helicopter are soon on the spot. But Refadija T. has no Chance of resuscitation attempts are without success. The injuries to the mother are to serious, the loss of blood to solid. She dies at the scene.

The kitchen knife Killer offers no resistance, is arrested on the spot by the police of the Canton of Zurich. Until that night, he was neither the police still have a criminal record. After the fact, the child and adult protection authority of the three minor children. Maso T. shows itself to be a confession, on the early prison. Since then, he sits in the prison of Pfäffikon ZH.

defenders of Maso T. pleads “incompetent”

Maso T. served as a career officer in the Serbian army, fought in the war in Bosnia. In July 1999, he fled to Switzerland because he did not want to fight as the Albanians in Kosovo against the ethnic group. In the Canton of Zurich, the family received a hardship permit. Most recently, she lived about ten years in Wasterkingen, referred to social assistance.

Due to a brain tumor Maso T. is written in the long term sick, gets a disability pension. “He’s been suffering for a tumor surgery, epilepsy and depression,” says his lawyer, Bernhard Jüsi to VIEW. Because of this medical history, the associated medication, and the whole of the circumstances Jüsi pleads “incompetent”. The court should not go into it, he wanted to plead to manslaughter, because it was a crime of passion. The minimum prison sentence is one year. The prosecution calls for a guilty verdict of premeditated killing – Penalties: five to 20 years in prison.

* name known to the editors