In the “Combi”branch in Haselünne in lower Saxony, occurred on Monday afternoon, a worse incident. The “image”newspaper had first reported about it. A woman does not want to keep even after repeated requests of the supermarket staff, to the hygiene regulations. Later, the client is the market leader spat even in the face.

According to a written request by FOCUS Online, the press center of the super market, describes the Events as follows: “A customer has not complied with the request of the market staff, to make use of a shopping cart. The markets may currently only be entered with a shopping cart per customer. A market points to the staff at the entrance.”

customer spat on market leader

The shopping cart to help on the one hand, to maintain the correct distance to other customers, and on the other hand, ensure that only a certain number of customers shopping at the same time in the market, declared the press Secretary for Esther rode Hoff more. In addition, the supermarket dispenser with disinfectant wipes have the car right next to the shopping Box set, to be able to the handles in front of the shopping clean.

wanted to buy in spite of the possibility to disinfect the shopping cart, the woman without a car. “When Paying, the customer called the store Manager, showed her the finger and bespuckte you finally. Other customers were not involved. The market Manager has referred the customer to the market and as usual the police are informed.”

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“most of our customers is understanding”

The police launched a public manhunt. Shortly thereafter, the woman could be identified. As the police Emsland/County of Bentheim confirmed to FOCUS Online, is determined against you for defamation, assault, as well as because of the breach of the infection protection act.

The press officer of the “Combi” stresses, however, compared to FOCUS Online that such customers are an exception: “the majority of our customers are understanding and treat our employees with respect and be responsible.” Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit lung disease Covid-19: Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease