Woman of 30 years could not have sex because of the terrible pain

a Resident of the Turkish city of Istanbul up to 30 years remained a virgin due to a rare disease. Her story leads the newspaper The Sun.

the 38-year-old Petek Tatli (Petek Tatli) has admitted that eight years ago sex was causing her terrible pain. The reason for this was vaginismus — a pathological condition in which involuntary contraction of the pubic-coccygeal muscles makes it impossible for any penetration. For the first time she was faced with problems in sexual life in adolescence. In the early years she had two different partners, and each of them, she was a long-term relationship.

“One of them didn’t care much about this intimate moment. Some kind of closeness we had, and to my problems they were very understanding. But I they did not have a strong sexual desire”, she said.

the Turning point came in 2009, when Title doing yoga and meditation. “When I started to study as a yoga instructor, I began to know your body. The attitude of the vaginismus has also changed,” says Turk. In 30 years, she plucked up courage and asked for help in a clinic specializing in the treatment of vaginismus. Through physical therapy she began to see progress.

Then Tatli decided to get out of the comfort zone and to travel. At one of the retreats she met Johann, with whom she began a new relationship. With him she was able to do vaginal sex without experiencing pain. “It was very emotional. I couldn’t stop crying during sex. It was tears of joy. I think my partner felt a little uncomfortable! she said. But I have slept such a burden from your shoulders.”

Tatli claims that now the vaginismus remained for her in the past. She works as a yoga teacher and practices mindfulness, while also helping other women to cope with vaginismus.

In March, it was reported that the inhabitant of the American city of oak grove, Missouri, 12 years of age could not engage with my husband, vaginal sex, due to a rare disease. After the divorce she met on okcupid with a man who was able to overcome vaginismus. This happened due to the sensitivity of her beloved and the support group on Facebook.