The Eglisauer friends Paolo* (16) and Yegor* (16) as well as his girlfriend Agneza* (16) on Saturday night in Embrach ZH. Together, they visited the colleagues of Yegor – the Paolo up until then, not had known.

“As one of us bought at the station, a Beef Jerky from the Selecta vending machine, it remained stuck. Therefore, Yegor against the box kicked,” says Paolo opposite VIEW. What happened after that, in addition to the Switzerland talks since Sunday.

Sure is: It came to a brawl. A 38-year-old woman had to be escorted by ambulance to the hospital. The youths ran off with the train in the direction of Bülach. According to the Police report, the woman had pointed the youth to the foot of the machine and the vandals want to stop. And was attacked by the young people!

In the VIEWS, now speaks for the first time, one of the perpetrators, and describes his Version.

“you seemed to be high”

Paolo says: “The woman had us mobbed – not Vice versa! She yelled at us across the platform and came out aggressive on us.” You have had dilated pupils. “You seemed like you would be high.”

The woman had not Packed around geschnauzt because of the machines, also you have to Agneza on the shoulder. Since the two Embrach colleagues would have interfered. “The woman, the anpöbelte us, insulted our mothers. Then she grabbed the girlfriend of the Embrach colleagues. When the latter saw this, he wanted to defend you.” The 17-Year-old to beat with the fists. “As I looked, he met her in the Ribs. Then the woman turned over. Of fist punches to the face can not be and speeches.” He think it’s not good, what have done of the 17-Year-old. “I myself would never hit a woman.”

young people set themselves the police

Paolo claims to have just stood by and not intervened already been. “It was already much too quickly,” he says. For this reason, he did not want to apologize. “For what? I haven’t done anything.” He was, however, aware that they had done the wrong thing. “We should call the police when it happened.”

clear Paolo wants to make sure you would have made on Sunday itself, the police. This is also his mother confirmed to VIEW. “Like the incident in the media was previously shown, does not correspond to the facts,” says his mother. “What happened, don’t we all. Also, the fact that the woman was injured, does my son and his two colleagues, very sorry. But it is the young people are not always easy, per se, is to blame.”

What is the injured woman says to the allegations of the young people? She was not available for comment have not yet been reached.

*the Name has been changed