Stine Petersen from Store Heddinge is both angry and shocked.

on Wednesday morning, phoned her mother-in-law, Susanne, to tell a story that most of all sounded like a bad dream.

But it was good enough.

Svigermoderen could tell that someone had thrown firecrackers in through the bedroom window in the middle of the night.

“She told us that it was the luck of the accident, that she had not slept with his head in the end where she usually saw the fireworks hit her in the face,” says Stine Petersen at TV 2 Øst.

She is acting, and the voice, when her mother-in-law does not even have the courage to tell the story.

Stine Pedersen explains further how her mother-in-law, who is bad at walking, woke up around half past two, when suddenly was thrown firecrackers into the window.

the Fireworks gave a bang and burned also the hole in the bed.

Fortunately, her mother-in-law quickly grab on his stick and retrieved some water, so the coals could be turned off.

Svigermoderen was, according to Stine Pedersen very shocked by the incident and slept no more that night for fear that the fire would flare up again.

She has, however, in the circumstances, well.

the Family has since reported the incident to the police, and in the Middle – and West zealand confirms for TV 2 Øst, that they have received the notification.