US police have identified Pascale Ferrier as the person who they say mailed ricin poison to the White House. She was detained while trying to enter the US from Canada.

Ferrier is believed to have sent six other letters addressed to “federal government sites” in Texas, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. These are currently being investigated. 

Hidalgo County Sheriff J.E. ‘Eddie’ Guerra said he and three of his staff were sent packages containing ricin, but no one was harmed. 

“I can confirm that envelopes containing the deadly toxin ricin [were] mailed to me and three of my detention staff. At this time due to an active federal investigation I cannot make any further comments,” the sheriff tweeted.

Another poisoned package was reportedly sent to the Mission Police Department in Texas. 

The package sent to the White House was intercepted earlier in the week, and two tests confirmed the presence of poison. At the time of her arrest, Ferrier was allegedly carrying a gun.

Ferrier, 53, is a Canadian computer programmer who had been deported from Mission, Texas last year for overstaying her six-month visa, according to law enforcement. She was also arrested for carrying an unlicensed firearm and a fake driver’s license, as well as for resisting arrest. 

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