My Anger had to be put first, before I could write to you. You and a majority of our parliamentarians do not want the Wolf will be released for launch. Wolves should even be able to be shot, if you have not done any damage.

I think that is a very bad idea, but my letter is a friendly-intentioned offer: We should discuss factual together.

I have to send but to the point: If your only goal is the Wolf re-root, then we can give us the exchange. Since we have different views of the nature.

The nature brings the Wolf back

But maybe you are a hunter or a farmer’s wife, who is of the nature to be grateful. Finally, the nature that provides you with the chamois, you shoot it. Or your beautiful eats black nose sheep. And it is also the nature that has brought back the Wolf.

Actually, we have only one option: We must learn to live with the Wolf (even if we exterminate the local Population – there are new animals, a Hiking). Here are some sober facts and Figures:

There are 200’000 sheep on our Alps, 300 wolf cracks and 4000 sheep who die during the Summer for other reasons – for example, because they crash. Over 90 percent of the wolf cracks occur in unprotected flocks.Where there is a stable pack, and hearth protection, there is less cracking of farm animals. The shows about the experience with the Calanda-pack that has been ripped for years, virtually no Livestock.Launches often bring nothing to the contrary. A study shows that only 29 percent of the cases, a minimal or short-term reduction in Attacks on livestock took place when predators were shot down. In the rest of the cases, sometimes even more animals were killed.

Determined, you are now thinking: This city-dwellers, what will he tell me? But maybe you have an ear for a chicken owner, I am also. Already a two-Time the Fox came. I was not angry at the Fox, fact, only, what is his nature. I was angry at myself, because I had protected the chicken little good – because I take responsibility for my animals. You see the same thing?

Simon Jäggi (39) is a boy singer of the rock band the sorrow, works at the natural history Museum of Bern and keeps chickens. He writes every second Friday of the VIEWS.