A draft law by the federal government on paragraph 34 of the Infection Protection Act is currently making the blood of many paediatricians boil. “The pediatricians are all at 180,” says the Nuremberg pediatrician and deputy chairman of the Paednetz Mittelfranken e.V. Wolfgang Landendörfer in an interview with inFranken.de.

According to the new rule, a doctor’s confirmation will be required in the future if there is only a suspicion that a child could be suffering from Corona so that it can visit community facilities.

Trigger for the concern of the Professional Association of Pediatricians e.V.: “an extension of a catalog of diseases that appears harmless at first glance, which can be found in Section 34 of the Infection Protection Act,” as stated in a statement. Covid-19 will also be mentioned there in the future.

The association then wrote a fire letter to the Bundestag and emphasized possible consequences: “A child may not be able to go to daycare or school, even in the event of a banal but ‘suspicious’ cold, until Corona is ruled out.” Even after According to the association, a corona infection is only a medical confirmation of a license to visit community facilities.

This represents a “highly problematic disadvantage for children and young people”, as the past has shown that children are not the drivers of a pandemic, according to Landendörfer. One cannot justify this aggravation from a medical and infectious point of view. “We miss the learning curve of politics when it comes to the interests of families and children,” explains the doctor inFranken.de.

“I see here a state-ordered locking away of children, which again massively restricts the basic rights of families. Think of the upcoming Oktoberfest, when the adults can roar the corona viruses out into the marquee without testing and without a mask,” he wrote in a letter to “his” parents.

For them, the news is “sheer horror”. As the professional association predicts, parents would “generally have to stay away from work for an extra day because they are looking after their child and have to take them to the pediatrician”. They are confronted with “new, time-consuming bureaucracy”. “Instead of dealing with our patients, we will have to deal with the drafting of written certificates,” the professional association adds in its fire letter.

In addition, these services, which do not involve the help that a sick child actually needs, are not the responsibility of the doctors, but of the health department, says Landendörfer. He already has a 12-hour day and asserts how much the pediatricians have intercepted during the pandemic. He fears that once the bill has been drafted, it will simply be waved through.

The protest letter to the Bundestag is an important step. “We urgently ask you not to implement this nonsensical and highly bureaucratic regulation,” he said. It remains to be seen whether the appeals will have any effect.

This article was written by Isabel Schaffner

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