Switzerland wants to discuss the framework agreement with the EU. Brussels has issued an Ultimatum until Tuesday. Right? Wolfgang Dietz: There are always moments where you have to jump and “Yes” and “no longer to win, but” a lot. Whether that will be in the next few days, the knowledge of the participants on the negotiating table at the best.

Wolfgang Dietz An important factor is that we have an expiry of the end of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to stop at the end of October. A new Commission to take up the topic of Switzerland, with the same heart and depth as the Cabinet Juncker, I do not believe. Domiciled in Luxembourg, the EU chief great has understanding of the role of smaller member States in Europe. He knows this is a direct, constitutional democracy, such as the Swiss maintain. But he knows what it’s like to stand very close to the citizens.

I personally think that it is right and good that this framework agreement between Switzerland and the EU. Alone the viewing of the map and of the economic flows shows clearly that there needs to be a high level of mutual interest for such a contract.

Have understanding of the action of the Federal Council?
Yes, at least for the content page. The protection against wage dumping is undoubtedly a legitimate issue, if you look at the wage differences between Switzerland and Germany. Conversely, it is for us the border countries is very difficult, to fulfill some terms and conditions as required by the Swiss Left.

Wolfgang Dietz (CDU, 63) for nearly 20 years, the unchallenged mayor of the South Baden town of Weil am Rhein, which is located directly in the border triangle of Switzerland-Germany-France. The lawyer has previously represented during his 13 years on the state of Baden-Württemberg in Brussels. Dietz is married and has two adult children.

You must run the always virtually before your eyes: There’s a hamlet of master craftsmen, delivers a washing machine to Basel. The then suddenly the damage, and someone needs to pass for repair. Now to log in, the German eight days in advance, that he the and time, and appears at the and of the day, with the and the journeyman in Basel. This is, however, in the modern economic life, easy to implement! Such time-limits and formalities hinder economic exchange, and no one can tell me that, in times of digitalisation, flexibility is possible.

It shorter periods and subsequent approval possibilities.

When I came in 1987, for the first Time in Brussels, I learned that midnight is the time to end. There is a famous Tradition: It stops the watch.

now, If the EU ultimatums are made, and speak of the potential Failure, then the usual craft box of the policy. I would hope that Switzerland will recognize the magnitude of the problem. The EU has in particular with the issue of Brexit a much thicker Tanker in front of the gun.

With all due respect and admiration for Switzerland: you must also always know their own Size. I don’t know, of course, what the ladies and gentlemen of the negotiator is still in the back of your hand. Since everyone has a Black Peter, or any body in the basement …

tax, legal stories, for example. Only yodeling on the Matterhorn Switzerland will not do any good now anyway, nothing …


Since there are now some that hold something in the spokes of the wheel and at the same time it. In the Bundesrat there seems to be a power struggle. But at the end of the day, and because I admire the Swiss – you know, how the Situation looks realistic. And you will see how to true the face and can swivel. The left in Germany, unfortunately, lost something: We love the Ideological, Unyielding.