the Department of agriculture and consumer market of Yaroslavl region said that the funds will go towards laboratory equipment for research of quality of product, equipment training, production and demonstration areas.

– Organic agriculture is one of priority directions in development of the agroindustrial complex of the region, – said the Deputy Chairman of the regional government Valery Cold. Today Yaroslavl oblast is the leader and the largest producer of organic agricultural products. The region’s share in total Russian production of organic meat and meat products, milk and dairy products for more than 30 percent. The opening of the center will allow to make a qualitative leap in the dissemination of organic agriculture in our region and in the Russian Federation as a whole.

In the Yaroslavl region has 12 percent of the Russian land certified for organic production. In addition, the Yaroslavl experts in this field have initiated and participated in drafting the corresponding Federal law. And driver of development processes of organic agriculture in the region in a branch Department called the Academy.

In 2018, she even became part of the Association “Union of organic farming”. In its programme of training for all levels of training included discipline for the production, processing and certification body for organic agriculture. In addition, the University has established exchange of information with German experts within the framework of the cooperation project of the Federal Ministry of food and agriculture of Germany the “German-Russian agro-political dialogue”.

the Center will solve the problem by learning, advising and providing organizational and methodological assistance to agricultural producers of the Russian Federation subjects that will expand their knowledge of the technology of organic production, told in the regional Department of agriculture.

According to the rector of Yaroslavl state agricultural Academy Svetlana Gusar, the opening of the competence center is planned for 2021. Now comes the purchase of equipment and tidying allocated areas.

– we Have a large, nice complex, three-storey building in the village of Mikhailovsky district of Yaroslavl, on its base we will roll out training and demonstration site. In the village there are some of our acreage in the St. Michael – three hectares and next to him another 60. Our main goal is to study not only organic farming, but the whole process of organic production, including processing, to final product consumption. That is not just prender: here we grow organic wheat or corn, and the fact that we fed them a cow, got organic milk, processed it and made, for example, cheese. Using again only environmentally friendly and with improved quality. That is, we want to show the closed cycle of organic production.

In the Mikhailovsky already opened a cheese factory and bakery complex – as a first result of the negotiations on the “organic” theme of the Governor of the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Mironov, Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev.

We took the initiative of opening such a center, but no initiative means nothing without the support of the founder, i.e. the relevant ministries and regional authorities. Supported us – with satisfaction emphasizes Svetlana Gusar.

According to the rector yagskha, the University, in addition to good material base, which is “you just need to upgrade and develop”, as well as serious methodological developments, is the most important thing that allowed him to go on this way, specialists.

discipline on organic agriculture has already been introduced in all courses – undergraduate, postgraduate, further education. We have courses on “organics” from 16 to 700 hours depending on the needs of students, – says Svetlana Gusar.

Today, according to the rector, the University goes to the opening of the competence center that will be its structural unit, by leaps and bounds. And already at this stage the Academy not only teaches the principles of organic agriculture their students, but also engaged in advanced training of specialists from many regions of Russia.

In the regional Department of agriculture and consumer market said that in the nearest future it is planned the signing of the agreement on cooperation of the Ministry of agriculture, government of Yaroslavl region and the National Union of producers and consumers of organic products, as well as programs of joint actions aimed at the development of organic agriculture in Russia.

In the Yaroslavl region there are six enterprises producing organic agricultural products. At the sites situated in the Uglich area, in accordance with the requirements of GOST 33980-2016 “Products of organic production. The rules of production, processing, labelling and sale” in 2019 produced 273 tons of meat of organic products and 776,5 tons – milk.

Organic products of the Yaroslavl manufacturers are available in more than 500 outlets in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Moscow regions.

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