the new arms law Falls on the 19. In may, threatens the Schengen exit. Before the new police Directors-President, Urs Hofmann (62) warns Interview in the VIEW.

the Aargauer SP-councillor locates on the area of security, risks in tourism: “Chinese and Indian tourists benefit from the holidays in Europe that you can travel, thanks to the Schengen visa for the whole continent.” This could leave Switzerland in the future, he feared. “The tourism significant losses threatened.”

340’000 Swiss Schengen Visa for tourists.

in fact, the Schengen Visa for Switzerland are of great importance. In the last year, Switzerland issued approximately 520’000 piece of it, wherein the mere tourist mind with well-340’000 units for the lion’s share – at the top-ranking Indians, Chinese, and Thai was the same.

Statistically, those with a visa requirement for tourists who have travelled with one of the other States-issued Schengen visa in Switzerland. What is clear is that The Asian tourists have a growing importance. Thus, Asia accounts for about a quarter of the foreign overnight stays – with an almost five percent growth in the last year.

Without a Schengen visa, it gets more complicated

No wonder, therefore, also the tourism associations Front for a new weapons law. “The demand in Europe is declining, we have done so far by new guests from the remote markets up,” says Hotellerie Suisse Chairman Andreas Züllig (60).

With a Schengen exit is likely to increase the temporal and financial effort for the visa Switzerland visitor, since without adjustments, a separate visa is needed. “Those who book a Europe tour, usually makes a side trip to Switzerland – this could change in the future due to the additional burden,” he said Züllig, who runs the Hotel Schweizerhof in Lenzerheide, GR.

To this end, a Ecoplan study commissioned by the Federal government. In the case of the so-called Multi-state travelers on a European tour, they expect a decline in annually 370’000 up to a million tourists, which would leave Switzerland aside. The financial losses, the study estimated at 200 to 530 million Swiss francs.

SVP-Brand: “No tourist disaster”

SVP-Nationalrat Heinz Brand (63) denies the Numbers. “The tourism industry paints the schwärzest possible scenarios on the wall,” says grison. “Even if we – which is to accept hardly any – would be catapulted out of Schengen, it would be far from a tourist disaster!”

most of The tourists would be arriving from visa-exempt countries, stresses the fire. However, even for those from visa-exempt countries, he sees a simple solution. “Switzerland is able to set their entry requirements for visa-requiring third-country nationals at any time and the changed conditions to adjust,” says SVP-man. He also called for different options: “We can recognize the valid Schengen Visa of other States or tourists from certain countries from the visa requirement exempt completely or only for short stays.”

however, the absence of some visitors, this is not considered in the SVP than too bad. As SVP-group chief Thomas Aeschi (40, ZG) complained recently about the “Übertourismus” in Switzerland and “massive flows of tourists” (VIEW reported). Brand also in this issue, but not on the Branches. To say “this topic, I’d rather not”, he is dismissive. “The Swiss tourism but I am alone because of the entry requirements, no Worries.”

Hotelier Züllig: “Not Übertourismus-but tourism is a Problem”

In the case of a Hotelier, Züllig Brands provides shake carelessness for the head. “So easy as it has become Mr. Brand imagines it will not. Without Schengen, the competitiveness of the Swiss tourism will be weakened,” he is convinced. To simply give to visitors, not that you can afford.

“In many regions, we have not a Übertourismus, but a tourism-Problem – as a glance at the bed utilization”, Züllig is enough. “We are dependent on the growing and affluent markets in Asia.”