For all of these destinations, you do not need a rap to take. Well, maybe for lunch in between. But even that can be Packed in the backpack, and then at a picnic on a Meadow enjoyed. Anyone looking for excursions for the whole family, at no cost, which will be held in the following 15 activities are an Inspiration.

Zoologisches Museum, Zürich

“Night at the Museum” and had the eyes of children around the world lights. Since then, we all dream secretly of the exhibition awakes then, to live. Whether that will ever happen or not is another question, in the Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich admire, at least during the day, a great selection of nature. Focus on the beauty, diversity and value of nature. The admission is free. There are always a number of special exhibitions and events.

Flussbad Au-Höngg, Zürich

It is the big question in the summer: Dear admission for the Badi to pay, or at the lake in vain splashing? In the Flussbad Au-Höngg and enjoy a wide range of activities, including paddling pool, water fall, Playground, barbecue and football fields. Admission is free and the bathroom is of 11. May to 9. September 2019 open in all weather conditions. In case of bad weather from 9 to 11 p.m., weather permitting, from 11 am to 20 PM.

Kägi Shop, Lichtensteig SG

“happiness is a Kägi”, it says on the Website of the manufacturer. There is also known is that in the “lucky shop” in the Canton of St. Gallen all about the sweet specialty in experience can be brought. If you want to know even more about the Kägi fret, is right here. And, of course, it also means: “Our happy macherli can of course be tried.” Who wants to be creative, can design their own Kägi-fret-packaging and print.

joke trail, Heiden AR

Make you together with the whole family for a hike on the Witzweg. He leads from Heiden to Walzenhausen AR. Along the way you will find signposts with jokes, and always Restaurants and Inns to stop at.

the Rhine falls, Neuhausen am Rheinfall, SH

The Rhine falls in Neuhausen a beautiful natural spectacle that attracts visitors from all over the world. He belongs with the Sarpsfossen in Norway and the Dettifoss in Iceland, the three largest water in Europe. Per second around 558’000 litres of flow above the Rhine falls.

petting zoo Saanen, Gstaad, BE,

In the Foundation of the Alps rest in Gstaad be physically cared for spiritually or mentally impaired people, cared for and supported. And because animals have such a calming effect and always a joyful entertainment for the Little ones, but also the Large, there are on the Area, a petting zoo, which is well known in the surrounding area as an attraction. The Zoo is open all year round and freely accessible. There you can goats animals such as dwarf or Lamas to come closer.

suspension bridge Hostalde, Frutigen, BE,

One of the longest suspension bridges in Europe is located in Switzerland. For the experience of the Adelboden-Frutigen one may, however, have no fear of heights! At the Crossing of the Hostalde-bridge, and is 38 meters in height, about 153 meters. Must pack: courage!

tour of the Gotthard tunnel, the village Göschenen UR

do you Want to learn more about the origin of the longest railway tunnel of the 19th century. Century know? Then you should definitely make a trip to Göschenen schedule. The so-called Gotthard tunnel, the village reveals a lot about the development of the Gotthard transport, and the history of the base tunnel. In the village there is a tour with 14 stops. At the train station and at the village square, free Booklets are provided, each of which visitors by the tour lead.

caves of the Mont Vully, Mont-Vully FR

Today’s Playground for children or a romantic meeting place for Lovers, composed during the First world war, a defensive Outpost for the Swiss plateau: The caves of Mont Vully in the lake Morat region between 1916 and 1917. A 200-Meter-long tunnels in the sand has been drilled stone.

experience the world of magic water, Grächen, VS

The magic water Park in the Canton of Valais is in the sign of water fun. The exciting adventure world game, Action and rest. Magic water is used to Recover and feel good, which is, for example, implemented with the so-called pleasure-Islands, where a footbath can be enjoyed.

crime fun in Switzerland

Hobby-detectives, take note: On crime of, you’ll find investigative adventure that you can play in different places in Switzerland. The offer is valid for the whole year and the Only thing you need for good Fun is a mobile phone! So off to the outside and go with the track search.

Liechtenstein-way (FL)

in 2019, celebrating our little neighbour, his 300-year anniversary. The Principality of Liechtenstein something Special thought of that: From 26. In may, there is the so-called Liechtenstein-path that connects all of the municipalities in the country. The idea behind it: On the way to the whole of the population closer. So who wants to run a 75 – kilometre – long road-Packed full of exciting history and attractions, can make a detour abroad. And where else can a whole country is on a path to discover? The App “LIstory”, which together with the way the project “history 3.0” there.

dear Community, where do you go with family or friends, if it cost nothing? Tell us in the comments or via Mail to what trips your Favorite, you can do for free.