The Bundestag is currently looking for a bottle of Korn. As the “Spiegel” reports, the office of an unnamed CDU politician is desperately looking for the schnapps.

Because: The logo of the Bundesliga soccer club Werder Bremen can be seen on the bottle – the favorite club of the CDU politician. The Korn also has an alcohol volume of exactly 42.1 percent – 42,100 fans fit into the Bremen stadium. The schnapps is currently sold out in the Werder shop.

The employees of the CDU politician wanted to give him the bottle for his birthday. However, she never arrived. “The package is on 15.09. verifiably arrived and documented at the parcel point. Since then there has been no trace,” says an email that went to all factions and about which “Spiegel” reports. An employee of the office confirmed the strange incident to the magazine.

In order not to spoil the surprise – the CDU man’s birthday is yet to come – the name should remain secret. “We’re not giving up hope that the bottle will be found again, he’s really a big Werder fan,” an employee told Der Spiegel. The fingers are crossed.

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