For the body Yoga is in many ways a boon: The Exercises promote flexibility, increase the mental well-being, and conjure up a rosy complexion. This is when Yoga first and foremost, the inner beauty, it shows in the end, but also to the outside.

Some of the Exercises have a direct impact on your appearance. Because your circulation is stimulated and a relaxing effect has an impact that is beneficial to your complexion. You look calm and Shine on the outside.


so If you run targeting the right Exercises can increase the oxygen supply in the body is downright and to stimulate circulation – for example, in the case of a head a lot of blood, and thus nutrients and oxygen to the face and transported. The consequence of this is that an increased degradation of the pollutants takes place in the body. Means that the head is more blood and the skin begins to radiate.

A well-balanced diet and sufficient fluid intake, a healthy-looking support additionally.

4 Exercises that you can make it nice

The shoulder, the entire metabolism is stimulated state, which promotes a rosy complexion. As the head of state also when you down show dog – Four point kneeling, the view towards the ground is pumped a lot of blood in the head. This ensures a high supply of oxygen and is beneficial to the skin.

If the torso is turned in the Seats to the left and to the right, run the swivel seat. This not only stimulates the blood circulation, but also a major driver for the digestion and helps to detoxify the body.

Here, the skin is tightened and the blood circulation will be promoted: Sit with the knees on the floor and support yourself with the arms while you lean backwards.

This Exercise has a positive effect on the arms, back, Buttocks and legs. It has a forming and grounding, which has relaxation for inner and outer to the result. While you sit with a tense belly of the torso to the front, raised a leg straight to the rear. Keep the arms close to the torso. The body is in a parallel Position to the ground.