is The swab, as before, for many people the first choice to clean the ear canal. Although already known for a long time is that it is actually rather counterproductive and even harmful it can be.

Often the earwax that you want to convey actually come out of it, namely, through the watts gang swab deep into the ear. This can go so far that he reached the eardrum. There, he can einhärten and a so-called graft form. This is felt not only uncomfortable, but can also affect the hearing and must be flushed from the doctor with a fluid.

more Useful ear wax

The graft is not the only danger posed swab of cotton. Often the chopsticks made of plastic and, accordingly, are hard. This may lead to injuries in the ear canal. Inflammation or eczema may follow. In addition the eardrum itself can be irritated, you should penetrate with the chopsticks too low.

The ear cleans itself in the normal case of self. So you have to actually do anything. In the ear canal, tiny hairs, which ensures that the dirt does not penetrate too far into the ear are. The Lard ensures that the ear canal is well moistened, and the acid protection mantle of the skin remains intact. The countless sebaceous and sweat glands, resulting Lard also protects against dust particles and infections. The use of the cotton swab interferes with this natural protection.

If, then with special tools

at the Latest after the out flush of the Plug should be dispensed with chopsticks on watt. In spite of the body’s own cleaning of the ear canal, it may be, however, that the ear will sometimes need assistance in cleaning. For example, this may be the case, if by external influences a lot of dirt in the ear canal, and this can no longer be self-cleaning to the outside transported.

The so-superfluous resulting earwax should be removed. But properly – i.e. not with cotton swabs, but with a special ear cleaning tools or from the doctor.

Some of us produce, however, lard will always be something to a lot of ears. Then without a cotton swab, as the case may form a graft. Who is affected, should regularly visit the doctor and have it removed.