The performance pressure in the workplace is large. The requirements are constantly increasing. In terms of working hours flexibility is expected. And by the way, you want to lead a private life, the time to be with your loved ones and sports. How are we to bring everything under one hat? This is the question many busy.

A certain amount of Stress can be healthy

It is a undeniable fact that work-related Stress in our society is a real Problem. Constantly expecting more, and Overtime is part of everyday life. It can go in the workplace and hectic, is quite normal. A certain amount of Stress can be stimulating. You will feel challenged, the power increases.

as soon As you feel, however, that the pressure brings mental and physical effects, you should pull the emergency brake. You no longer feel stressed constantly, even if you are a long time in the office, this is generally due to the pressure in your workplace.

If you lose your balance, can be the everyday life a real burden. Your Work-Life-Balance is disturbed, it can make cardiovascular disease, depression, Burn-out, anxiety disorders, or stroke, is noticeable. But also insomnia, headache, back pain, or stomach problems can show up. You have to fight with such problems, you should act quickly.

symptoms of Overload physical symptoms : reason, loose sweating, headache, back pain, stomach and digestive problems, circulatory problems, rapid exhaustion and sleep disorders psychological symptoms: depression, despondency, self-doubt, the feeling of uselessness, nervousness, irritability, listlessness, trouble, disable, concentration difficulties, forgetfulness, and difficulty making decisions impact on the behavior: of social withdrawal, stupid mistakes at work and irregular eating can you do

you can Recognize such symptoms in yourself, it’s time to do something about it. The following points can help you to bring back more balance in your life:

work and leisure mix: allows The current time to be able to working from anywhere. In many work models, Home-Office days well integrated. A plan, for example, in any week a day on which you do your Job from home. By using such a new Routine to start Private – and to merge work life. You will have more free space and thus more Motivation. So, too, the reconciliation of work and family life manage easier. the work should be Fun: The biggest part of your day you spend in the office. That’s why your work should be a Fun event. If you are unhappy, you do something. Dissatisfaction in the Job, can unconsciously trigger great Stress. the “Real” REC schedule: leisure is not the same as leisure. To the so-called “semi-leisure” counting housework, doctor’s visits or appointments with authorities. Things that need to be done, but no one like makes. Only in the “real” leisure time we can recover properly. Therefore, you should plan in these free hours really only what you like to do. Do not take too many things for the weekend, which could result in the leisure stress-induced. the allow No self-inflicted Stress: to Listen to you, to make themselves even more pressure. If you put too high demands on themselves, to bear on their shoulders, and presses hard on your already stressed consciousness. the Regularly engage in sports: you should at least drive two Times a week for about a half hour of sports. Movement is healthy and clears the mind. break the work: no Matter how many things are on your table, in between you need to treat yourself and your head a break sometimes. Lay down every two hours for two to five minutes of work and you do nothing. You can also do relaxation exercises, the increases their efficiency. the Yoga and co.: To Relax, there are also different courses. Yoga masters of the sedation is, for example, but also Gymnastics may be helpful to switch off. the drink a Lot: make Sure that you take every day, enough liquid. About two liters of water per day you should not consume alcohol is against it. Also Smoking should be avoided.