To take plenty of fluids

The sun tans the skin, it dries you also. Therefore, it is important to provide the skin with moisture. This can be achieved the fastest way is to drink water-two liters per day.

fruits and vegetables are also important water dispenser. To seize, if possible, so when you cook tomatoes, Zucchini, lettuce, and watermelon. Fruits are also an important source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants keep the skin young and fresh, and are responsible for their smoothness and firmness.

moisture products for the skin you look the best that they contain ingredients such as Allotonin, beta-carotene, coenzyme Q10 or Vitamin C and E. These supply the skin with plenty of moisture and care. In addition, a day cream with sun protection factor is recommended.

gradually, the sun

It is worth the skin to the sun to prepare before the holidays start. A gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells and ensures a quick and regular Tanning. After the holidays, you should do not use scrubs, because otherwise the tanned layers of the skin would literally scrubbed.

Also, you should get used to the skin gradually to the sun, as it wades also step-by-step into the cold water. Prefer shorter and with a lot of shade breaks, as the whole day in the blazing sun spend. So, there’s not burned, but tanned skin.

Always use sunscreen

The most important thing of All when sunbathing, a sun cream with a high protection factor. The sun protection does not stop the tanning process. On the contrary: It is brown – without consequences such as accelerated ageing of the skin or increased risk of cancer. Also if you are staying exclusively in the shade, use sun protection. Due to the reflected rays of the sun on water or Sand, sunburns can occur.

Not to long showers

Long, hot showers are not good for the skin, because hot water and soap to attack the natural protective barrier of the skin. Consequently, you must regenerate these, and the tan is lost faster. Chlorine and ingredients of Deodorants and perfumes also contribute to the bleaching of the skin returns faster, than wanted.

A visit to the Solarium, which is designed to accelerate the tanning process, is recommended less. According to studies, the artificial UV wear-rays to an increased risk of skin cancer. Who would not want to give up on the Solarium, you should keep visiting ideally short and rarely go.

use colors to help

When the autumn months begin, and the tracks of the summer holidays are already fading away, helps a self-Tanner with a darker skin tone. Even with the clothing choice can help. If you combine the right colors, looks again like fresh out of the sun. For an intense Yellow, Pink, White, or silver, are suitable. These tones allow the skin to tanned appearance than it really is.

Natural sunscreen: there’s no substitute for sun cream. However, you can strengthen your skin with the right diet.