A Sandwich, Chips, chocolate everything! Right now! If we have to fight with hunger, it is not always quite so easy to offer him the forehead. Especially when we are trying to remove, are binge eating sub-optimal.

we often Leave time for a meal, it’s only a matter of time before we give in to the Desires of at some point and everything into us plugs, which is just within reach. That all ends now! With the following tips hunger is Hot of the past.


If you give it no attention, disappearing to the hot hunger in the rule. You are overcome by strong desires, looking for a distraction. Try not to chocolate or how they think a pleasure to eat, too. Call a friend or take a walk. As you come to other thoughts and you will see how quickly the cravings out of the dust to make.

Also, brushing can help. It’s not distracting, but gives the brain the Signal that a meal has just been finished. In addition, food doesn’t taste good after brushing your teeth, so good – a reason, not to access!

Sufficient Who sleeps at night and deep, not during the day, constantly feel the need to grab something to Eat. The reason is that through lack of sleep, a deficit of the saturation hormone Leptin and an excess production of appetite-stimulating Ghrelin is produced.

glass of water

you Feel the next Time Hunger, try this Trick: Drink a glass of water. This fills the stomach and curbs the appetite. Also if you then still have cravings feel, you are not sure of the size as before.

throughout the day, you should take sufficient liquid. Two liters of water or ungesüsster tea are recommended, which boosts the metabolism and the appetite inhibits.

three times, properly enough to eat

you don’t Leave out any meal! Who eats three times a day is enough and then really sick and tired of feeling, feeling in-between, less hunger. After all, who be a meal, the blood sugar level drops quickly in the basement, which has the result that the body requires immediately after something to Eat.


of Course adapt, but also on what you eat. You eat too much food with a high content of carbohydrates, such as Pasta or white bread, then the blood sugar drops the mirror after only a short time. The desire for Sweet and then rises especially.

meals that contain plenty of filling protein or Protein will make you fuller for longer and help avoid cravings. Recommended are lean meats, fish, whole grain products or legumes.


Take time to eat and loops of the meals is not easy to Stand down. Enjoy is the motto – and you have won the battle against the hot-hunger! Often we are busy at the same time with something else and do not even know what we have just eaten. Think about every bite and let him with plenty of taste. You will notice that you will be with the food satisfied, and thus automatically less hot to feel hungry.

after the meal, something Sweet to indulge

It’s totally fine to treat yourself to something Sweet. You reach for the chocolate or biscuits, then you should do this but not necessarily in connection to a meal. Because it is directly nibbled to pasta, Pizza, or salad, then the influence on the blood sugar level less dramatically. The mirror then rises much less rapidly and the blood sugar hole in the connection remains.