1. Thorough wash

Give your car a ride through the car wash or syringe thoroughly, even the sub-floor. To remove the last trace of Salt. The engine room should be by a qualified person cleaned! Window rubber seals with warm water to clean and grease it.

2. Summer tires

as soon As the temperatures are consistently above seven degrees, it’s time for summer tires. Well proven rule of thumb “from O to O” – from Easter to October The summer tires wear out less quickly, are more fuel efficient and better driving characteristics of winter tires. Check before Assembly, the depth of the profile, and then set the correct air pressure.

3. Interior-cleaning

wipe Thoroughly suck, washers inside and outside (avoids light glare!), Foot mats shake out and air conditioning by cooling. Leather seats, at most, with care clean.

4. Trunk mucking

The trunk of Winter items such as snow chains or traction AIDS free. This reduces the fuel consumption (per 100 kg to 0.3 l/100 km) and creates space.

5. Windshield wipers-check

ice and cold strain the wiper. Replace damaged wiper blades – this ensures safety during a summer thunderstorm!

6. Paint/exhaust control

lacquer for split-damage check, especially at the Front and the wheel arches. From small corrosion quickly serious rust can occur. The exhaust in addition to cracks and holes check.

7. Electrical system check

battery corrosion on the poles to check the acid level by a professional for a check-up.