Who is hoping for the blue wonder and think you have a mane with these tips tomorrow and a Rapunzel, we have to disappoint. In the case of long hair, a help permanent and systematic process, there are many factors that work together. So get out there now, so the mane is just in time for the hot days.

you Leave the split ends, no hair

So that the hair can grow in a healthy way, you should prevent split ends from riding up and your hair damaged. For that, you should cut it regularly to the hairdresser and the tips. If you wait too long, you can end up with more length to decrease, as you probably would like.

Intensive care treatments

intensive care with Conditioner, Oil and mask is essential. Especially curly, fine and dyed hair needed a lot of attention. Hair oil can be applied to dry hair and provides intensive moisture.

Particularly helpful can be also herbal products with no silicones, which do not attack materials of the hair with unhealthy content. In front of the showers for some time, a mask is applied, then under the water to wash, good Conditioner to use and finished the routine.

scalp Massage

A scalp Massage stimulates the blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles, promote subsequently, the growth. The Massage is particularly of the kidneys well when you shampoo in the shower is possible, but can also be carried out dry, with circular hand movements.

Biotin supports from the inside

Taken as a capsule Biotin can make the hair shiny and strong nails. It is a water-soluble B-Vitamin is dependent, on the various enzymes in our body. Thus, it is also important for the metabolism and is used mainly for the construction of cells and hormones.

discipline announced

Oily approaches, stringy hair, and any Form of headgear clog the scalp and prevent rapid growth. Therefore, you should any kind of caps, hats and caps for a while on the side, the head skin can breathe.

silk pillowcases to use

cotton removes a lot of moisture and creates friction. A pillow cover made of cotton would suck all the moisture from the hair. They engage, therefore, to covers made of silk, which retain moisture and friction reduce.

Sufficient proteins take

This Keratin can be formed, we need to have sufficient proteins. The Keratin formation is important because Keratin is the substance from which our hair is. However, silicon is very important, as this ensures that the hair to become brittle and break off. Silicon can, for example, by millet, nettles, and oats taken.