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“eggs, we need eggs” , a past football championship takes up again today. The of 1968. If there is this year, no new EURO, then RTL-Moderator Thomas Wagner and FOCUS view Online columnist Mike Kleiß behind the Scenes of bygone days.

To this: What is going on in the Liverpool FC ? You want to commit to expensive players from the Bundesliga, millions of transfers are supposedly, on the other hand, the Association applied for short-time working due to the Corona crisis. How does that fit in with that?

The anthem of the Reds (“You’ll never walk alone“) is practically absurd. Kleiß and Wagner have a clear opinion, though, the club apologized already.

The Liverpool FC dispensed with after a storm of indignation now, but on the emergency program of the government. The Liverpool boss Peter Moore announced. “We believe that we came last week to the wrong conclusion.”

“Our intention was and is to ensure that the entire workforce is protected in this unprecedented time, as far as possible, prior to dismissal and/or loss of earnings,” said Moore. Now we are striving “to find alternative methods of Operation, while no football matches are contested, to ensure that we claim the state aid programme”.

Furthermore, What is the Clubs in the Bundesliga, in danger of bankruptcy now? How to classify the new Treaty of Hansi Flick as Bayern coach?

And what has at all to do in Italy goalkeeping legend with eggs? the Dino Zoff was in 1982 with 40 years of world champion. About him you could make a whole Podcast. Kleiß and Wagner, in honor of the Keeper.

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With a Mouth guard and gloves – Münchner Tafel helps those in need in Corona-times FOCUS Online With a Mouth guard and gloves – Münchner Tafel helps those in need in Corona-times