In the Federer residence should also be School buildings as planned. Even now, the older set of twins are taught Charlene, Myla (both 9) private. In the case of Lenny and Leo (both 4), it should be soon.

Only problem is that While Home schooling is booming in many places, he has, in the Canton of St. Gallen. “The authorisation to practice of the education Council is quite rigorous,” explains Jürg Müller, head of the Department of supervision and school quality in the St. Gallen office for elementary school.

In St. Gallen is currently being educated, not a single child at home. All the applications of the last years have failed. “A big hurdle is the community’s ability,” says Müller.

possibilities for interaction as the knack of nut

The children must have during the lesson in a binding framework opportunities for interaction with peers Gschpänli. Hobbies such as scouts or Tennis are not sufficient.

Also, for the Federer family, this point could be a nut to crack. Because the provision of teaching material or of a qualified teacher is likely to make hardly any problems.

And a celebrity Bonus can offer Jürg Müller: “There are no exceptions. I would vorprüfen the application of the Federer’s equal and to be treated like everyone else.”