With the meter on a string

Low rate should increase the demand for housing (for the last weeks it has fallen by 30%) and support developers. However, the prices of apartments in new buildings the situation is not yet affected.

when the quarantine will last 1-2 months, the cost of housing will not change significantly, said in an interview with RBC head of the Ministry Vladimir Yakushev. If the situation drags on for six months, then the developers can start to reduce prices and profits to repay the loans.

Low rate loans on new buildings may impact on the secondary housing market. “The secondary market with the announcement of cheap mortgages, of course, loses the “primary” that will win over consumer demand”, – said General Director of the portal “World apartments” Pavel Lutsenko. Those who were thinking to sell the apartment, you should hurry, he said: factors that could contribute to higher prices on the secondary, very little. “In April in Moscow secondary apartments fell by 2.3%, and new buildings added in the price of 0,4%,” he says.

the Subsidies will lead to some overflow for those who wish to buy apartment in the secondary market, in the direction of purchase in the building, says the General Director of “Relayt real Estate” Konstantin Barsukov. But it will not be a significant proportion of buyers. When applying for a loan for 4.5 million rubles for 15 years at 9%, the monthly payment is 45 500 rubles, with the purchase of an apartment in a new building at a subsidized rate of 39 000 roubles. “It’s not enough to kill the nuances which distinguish the new building from the secondary,” – said the badgers. For example, families with children want to move here and now, as the cost of rental housing in the period until the house is completed, will be higher than the benefit in 78 thousand roubles a year.

“the mortgage with state support – a major advantage that is the primary market of habitation, – the Director of Department of the secondary market of INCOM-Nedvizhimost Sergey Shloma. But many buyers may not use the state program for the primary market.”

In the first place, those who are forced to urgently address the issue of housing, selling existing homes. The company forecast a reduction in the cost of “secondary” due to the deterioration of the solvency of the population. Reduction of prices will be extremely slow sellers for a long time tend not to agree to concessions.

“the Price of the secondary is probably going to decrease,” – said the head of Yandex.The Estate Ilya Tikhomirov. To maintain interest in the “secondary housing” may be a temporary reduction proposals in the primary market in the second and third quarters due to the suspension of construction.