With the epidemic of coronavirus in the Russian language came new words

This is a “covidiot”. Means a person who is in panic because of the coronavirus empties the stores. Sweeps everything, especially toilet paper, in fear of “self-isolation”.

Photo: iStock diary of a teacher: a member of the jury of the Pushkin competition tells the story of the second day

by the Way, the “self-isolation” over the last month has undergone shifts in meaning, acquiring, according to the Professor of the Higher school of Economics Marina Queen, unexpected hue. “When I wrote about the word “self-isolation” March 15 (the word at that time was only a week), could not have foreseen that – that it will be used without irony.

What will be written in business correspondence: “I am in isolation” “I have isolated themselves for two weeks.” Like a code word from some of our new language,” writes the linguist on Facebook. In the “new language” is already flashed and “maccapani” (when the pharmacy was not masks) and the idiom “crown room” has acquired a bad sense.