With the care work

Now the whole world switched to remote work how much ready employees and employers?

Alena Efremova: We work remotely is a significant advantage: employees feel more secure, as are at a reduced risk of Contracting coronavirus. At the same time they are faced with certain difficulties: blurred boundaries of personal life and work, some have problems with self-organization, distracts the need to break household chores, it is difficult to work without live communication with colleagues. We managed in operative terms, taking into account all complexities and peculiarities of remote work, to provide employees with conditions conducive to productive work.

How do you assess the situation on the labour market in the banking sector?

Alena Efremova: from April of this year, we observed slowing of the labor market in the banking sector. Banks quite carefully now hiring new employees. For example, significantly reduced the recruitment front line, as part of the office of the Bank is temporarily closed. But it professionals and people working in remote banking services, the need is preserved.

is the situation with the selection of personnel in different regions?

Alena Efremova: Recruitment in different regions, indeed, now complicated by the current environment. However, all our leaders have adapted to the online selection of candidates. All stages of selection we do in a remote video interview format.

the Difficulty may arise at the stage of registration of candidates for the job. In some companies just does not work the HR departments. Candidates trite not to quit your current job and get my employment record.

There are regions where every movement in the city of candidates required temporary authorization.

it Might be easier to “grow” the employee within the company?

Alena Efremova: the Growth of the employee within the organization depends on the position which he occupies. “Cost of development” depends on many parameters: what we have at the initial stage, what professional level we will need in the future and what business problems need to be addressed.

line personnel is growing faster, the company invested in the selection process, continuous training and development. The whole way up the career ladder the employee may take 3-4 years, sometimes faster, especially at the grassroots positions.

Growth management staff more than a long and expensive process, because in addition to learning experience is important, necessary event in the development of personal qualities and working with individual characteristics of the candidates.

it is Important to determine aflow approach to attract experts in the company with the external labor market – what would be the percentage for which positions. On some positions it is important to raise the employees within the organization, some involve labor market.

What are the pitfalls in growing employees from within the company?

Alena Efremova: first and foremost you need to evaluate the potential of the employee, his soft and hard skills, strengths and motivation in their professional activities. And on the basis of this assessment to develop the employee in accordance with business needs. To work long and efficiently, it is necessary that he shared corporate values of the company and remained involved in them.

For the prosperous growth of an employee have multiple conditions. This training and the ability to develop timely movement up the career ladder, a competent support, involvement in large-scale projects, the timely evaluation and feedback.

of Course, growth is not always smooth. One of the most difficult moments can be the process of identifying talent and potential. The employee needs to want to grow and develop, and the employer needs to create transparent and attractive conditions for this. Leaders must be willing to invest in employees.

for example, an employee successfully grown, but there is another problem – how to keep him in the company?

Alena Efremova: Yes, a good specialist, irrespective of the level of the post is bait for the hunters. Most companies that get to him first, suggest other conditions, a different range of tasks and powers.

But not all offer high salaries is a key for decision-making. It is very important to understand the reason for the dismissal, during the dialogue with the employee to find out all that it motivates and demotivates, and, on this basis, to begin the search arguments. It can be both components of remuneration (other than salaries, bonuses and bonus), and opportunities for learning, social support, comfort, etc. If the employee’s main motivation is money and employee high-impact, then you need to think about the possibilities of revision of his remuneration within the annual cycle of evaluation and if he’s ready for greater responsibility, expand its tasks, to review the functions, powers, to engage in complex projects, etc.

In General, to attract good people is important to identify specific goals tasks and projects that are achievable and are a challenge. Among the advantages are flexible hours, creative freedom, no bureaucracy, a favorable environment for teamwork. Traditionally among the benefits, good social package, medical insurance and other “��eneity”. Another component is the reduction routine, transparent prospects, build trust with the Manager and the team.

what position today, there is shortage of employees?

Alena Efremova: Personnel hunger is felt at every level in one way or another. The scale and reasons vary, of course. For example, line positions of competent professionals, ready to get to work promptly to complete all the indicators, virtually none. The adjustment period is usually quite long.

On the positions of the middle level, the situation is a bit easier than on a linear and top positions. It all depends, rather, not the level of the post, and from specialization and the region. However, it should be noted that in recent weeks, the situation began to change.

In recent years, in connection with the introduction of information technologies and global computerization are becoming the most popular business and Analytics. In excess of, in our experience, many lawyers, economists, accountants.

is it Possible to keep the employee, which is heavily invested in contracts?

Alena Efremova: Retention of staff is preceded by the event of hunting or dissatisfaction. Therefore the Treaty will not solve all issues, rather it may be a small delay. The question must be addressed comprehensively, using sequentially the methods of identifying the causes/needs change, the company further possible measures to retain, neutralize these causes. If during the conversation with this employee, it turns out that he has no motivation to work, then it ceases to be a highly effective employee.

is There a cyclical departures of employees? Before talking about 7 years, then 3, and now?

Alena Efremova: According to our observations, in large cities, among young people there is a tendency to frequent changes of work every six months to a year or less, for the older generation (30 years) this period is 1.5-2 years.

is it Possible to identify certain characteristics of the young employees – those who are 30 years old?

Alena Efremova: these are people who are born and live in the digital age, they are tech-savvy and accustomed to the availability of any information. Easy to go to shift work, not tied down to one place for many years. Their style to declare that they are ready to change the world and do not see borders. Every day “traveling the world” on the Internet.

Young people appreciate the flexibility and variety in work schedule and its content, which may lead to frequent changes of work, fields of action, finding himself, etc. it is possible to observe low motivation to work, low level of knowledge of professional terminology, the low level of responsibility, no loyalty.

speaking of SoCsUtah. Today, the blogger from Instagram can be richer and more successful than even an outstanding officer in the organisation – how it affects young people motivated?

Alena Efremova: the success Story of others can be a demotivation for those who are not committed to the development, but at the same time will be a motivation for people aspiring to growth. Tempting calls quick schemes, advertising, the ease of achieving quick results after reading a motivational book or course affect employees in different ways, it all depends on the specific person. But nevertheless, of course, contribute to demotivation.

And more about motivation – when the quarantine is over, all will return to normal operation, or perhaps the part will remain on the remote?

Alena Efremova: Most of the employees will surely be back to work in the office. This experience really proved to be very useful. We may consider remote work part of the employees or departments.

We expect a high competition among applicants after mode isolation. Advantage will have those candidates who are able to adapt quickly to changing conditions.