this year the ensemble celebrates 25 years, however, the anniversary event has been postponed until November. Of course, the cancellation of concerts and rehearsals made Siberian beauties bored, and this was the main topic of the project.

– We wanted to do something very familiar, familiar since childhood, so we have a basis for the image of the presenter of the program “visiting tales”, which, meeting us on television, opened the shutters painted, – Sasha remembers Lackfer. – So the idea of the window. But it had to be unusual so I turned to the AIDS for Rafil Hafizov Ivan, the author of the unique project “Virtual Museum of the frames”. There we took photos of five frames from different corners of Russia. It only remained to combine them with our beauties.

One of the heroines tries to dispel the boredom by reading books, watching different videos on the Internet, the third is painted – and suddenly the isolation tomorrow and cancel? Outfits for the beauties long search was not necessary, took the stage costumes.

– the window cannot be seen, but I long dance dress to the floor, explains one of the participants of the project Daria Catalina. – In contrast to the short “dance” dresses, it has to conceal movement, to create the impression that the Russian girl seemed to float in the dance. It is no coincidence that often the young lady in the dance compared with the Swan. It is generally a very “natural”, traditional Russian dance, each of the participants who associated themselves with the wind, the crown of a tree, a river, a bird.

According to Daria, participation in the youth ensemble also gives them a special understanding of the national culture. Through dance and music, the patriotism brought up by itself, without loud slogans and waving the flag. Besides Russian folk dance reveals the features of national character.

– Different dances in Russia were consistent with reason. For example, dance is ritual, festive dance, in it the girl had to Express the meekness, humility, – said Daria Catalina. – But the dance was intended for the first acquaintance of young people, and here they tried to show their best side. Girls can emphasize their beauty, wit, and guys, prowess and agility. From boys Russian folk dance generally requires excellent physical preparation, because on stage you have to perform acrobatic somersaults.

But not only the outfits of the girls themselves beauty answer in the project for the embodiment of the national tradition, but and whimsical framing provided by the virtual Museum As stressed by Ivan Hafizov, the trim on the Windows – only Russian tradition.

globally, the gaps between the window frame and the wall of the wooden house closed the regular straps and only in our country tried to decorate the Windows carved patterns. Today, the frames can be seen not only in some of the neighboring republics, but for example, in Poland or in the border areas of Alaska where in the heyday of wooden architecture had a great influence of Russia. They occur even in Germany, where in the XIX century there were Russian villages. At the same time in every Russian region has its own traditions.

– If you look closely at the frames, for example, in the Ivanovo and Tomsk regions, you will see that they are different, and hardly then confuse them – I am sure the Creator of the extraordinary Museum. – In a particular region, they can differ in detail but share common features, and to see them, not necessarily have architectural education. In Ivanovo region the bottom, the top part of the casing, the size or even can be more top. Also easy identifitseerida Tomsk – “the Empire”, architraves, almost all of them were white.

Very easy, according to Ivan Khafizova, identifitseerida Tomsk, a kind of “Empire”, trim. During the Soviet power went the tradition of dyeing them, but in pre-revolutionary Tomsk almost all trim was white. Irkutsk frames learn also easy. It is the only town where in 1894 the work was carried out in the cataloguing of frames for the study of the history of colonizatio city. Irkutsk frames the first third of the XIX century – is often a bed of color and the almost obligatory presence of diamonds on the shutters. This style influenced the decoration of homes during the twentieth century.

help “RG”

Symphony orchestra of folk Russian folk dance ensemble “Siberian patterns” professionally teaches children and Teens the art of dance since 1995. The ensemble is a member of the international dance Committee of UNESCO, a 45-time winner of the Grand Prix of national and international competitions, including winner of the Delphic games. The team’s artistic Director Irina Ovechkina ? Honorary worker of General education of the Russian Federation, Honored worker of culture and arts in Novosibirsk region.


within the framework of the project “the Siberian patterns” presents frames from Irkutsk, Kolomna, Tomsk, Saratov and Kaluga.

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