in mid-may, the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Tel Aviv. In several European States, Petit run ions, which prompt the broadcasters to boycott the event in Protest against the policies of Israel. Also in Switzerland. Up on Saturday about 1500 people had signed up to the call to the address of the SRG.

Those activists who put themselves against the Jewish state, remained in the past striking still, as the competition in such illustrious countries such as Russia or Azerbaijan, went on the stage. As an enemy is the only democracy in the Middle East seems to them suitable, apparently. In their current campaign, the Israel-opponents fall back on Nazi-symbolism: the Logo of The call for a Boycott contains the SS-rune, the Emblem of the Organisation that murdered in the Second world war, millions of Jewish people brutally. On a request from the Sunday view, why such a picture was used, not reacted, the Swiss initiators.

Glättli demanded removal of the logo

The Petition has been running for some time on the Homepage of Campax, which understands itself as a “progressive Swiss campaign organization with headquarters in Zurich”.

The President of Campax, Andreas Freimüller (49), said on Friday that he personally did not think it would be right, if Switzerland would take part in the event. He explained, however, the Logo of “want to look at it again in more detail”. In the evening, it then disappeared from the page.

The Board of Directors of Campax the Green national councillor Balthasar Glättli (47, ZH). He’s not what I signed up for the call and not okay, “insists that he find the Logo” hard. In the context of the Petition, the parliamentarians, he had a hard time “accepting that the Logo was just designed by chance”. He had demanded a speedy removal.

Glättli has recently signed a proposal of the SP national Council Angelo Barrile (42, ZH), which calls for a ban of extremist and racist symbols. The Illustration of the Petition “is tasteless,” says Barrile. “You only have to imagine the feeling of relatives of Victims of national socialism at the sight.” Depending on the implementation of his Motion, he think that such a representation would in the future be prohibited, should be accepted the proposal. In the past, similar claims but with a heavy Stand.