Wayne Gwerder (†33) from Muotathal, SZ is dead. He died of the consequences of an epileptic seizure, like the family in the death message. The native Jamaicans had launched last year’s caps-brand. And his nickname on the business model made. Because of his skin color Gwerder known by many as “Dr Only” (dialect for “the Only one”).

This name Gwerders colleagues had given to him in a handball training. “Everyone had a name Overnight, so we have been looking for me,” he said once to a VIEW.

Muotataler mountains with a black African mask

Gwerder came at the age of six years in Switzerland. At first, he didn’t feel well. Oblique glances and derogatory remarks had been “normal”. But he always felt connected to the muota valley. And so came the idea to produce their own Caps.

His motto: Tradition with a Modern connect. So the front of the hats displays the Muotataler mountains with a black African mask, and the lettering “Dr Only.” (jmh)