Yesterday, the government promised to partially offset the cost of all Russians, who this year dare to travel in his native land. Is it so?

special Correspondent of “MK” has just returned from Crimea and admitted that Yes, this is not Rio de Janeiro, is better. But now here is the rest of those who used in the direction of the country and not watched.

…This holiday season-2020 compatriots will remember for a long time. Crimea and Sochi is now our everything. And the country and vast vegetable beds at the grandmother in village. Despite having lived through the spring of a total withdrawal, a preferred summer vacation again to stay home. The proportion of those who were forced to abandon the previously planned trips, according to the Federal tourism Agency, is already 50%. That is exactly half.

Most foreign countries closed. And home prices are rising.

to blame the Muscovites

the Taxi driver from the airport of Simferopol, spinning the wheel, confidently outlines his economic strategy of the rise in the Crimea after the current crisis: “With Muscovites need more money to fight than others. And what — once there you have the big bucks rolling, and now, except for the Crimea, nowhere to go, so pay more. This will be true.”

the man from Donetsk. Moved to the Peninsula in the hostilities. Lives in Yalta. Considers himself a Russian citizen and patriot. Said that makes good. “The average salary in the Crimea, if not a taxi driver or a Builder (the elite of society!) 20-25 thousand rubles, — he said. — Well, those who are apartment rents, of course, receive. Do you know how many even off-season should get killed “odnushku”? 30 thousand per month! The same as in Moscow.”

the Trip in conversation took about two hours and two thousand. There is a budget option is the famous Yalta trolley bus number 55 on the same route will take less than two hundred. She did not go, but they say it delivers right from the air port to the end, the trolleybus fleet.

“two and a half hours, ha! And five don’t want to? — back down to earth driver. — Will stop at each post. Well, for seniors suitable. And always getting in the bus in free space, but not Moscow to all over to skate”.

he was Given this Moscow! At the end of the Crimea proposed to save the economy, pile up to cancel more and discounted trips to the Crimea from Central Russia, except to leave in January and February, when there are no, I promised to write about it in his article, so to speak, to bring the initiative to the leadership.

my daughter was in Yalta last year, in June, at the beginning of the season. It is noticeable that even in the current July on the waterfront on Saturday night and Packed, but still less people than in the prosperous 2019. Although the solvency of the public�� clearly improved. This is not surprising. Those holidaymakers who have always preferred the Cote d’azur or the Maldives, at worst Turkey today are forced to settle for the South coast of the Crimea. People are surprised to discover home. “I never would have thought that it’s nicer than nice and even Monaco,” on the background of an evening sipping mojitos groomed long legged blonde. The nature here is truly magical. And the view from afar, cascading from the mountains to the sea layered city, reminiscent of Monte Carlo. However, the service still falls short.

Children and couples on the waterfront walk between the glowing plastic trees decorated for the past year. Apparently, it was not up to them to disassemble pandemic.

the restaurants are not overcrowded. And in any price range. Living place just to take a vacant table. The average cost of a check with alcohol had increased to three thousand roubles. A dozen baked Parmesan oysters — 1200-1600 rubles, a glass of white wine — 500.

If you really budget, the fries — 100, latte — 200, pizza 500, baked Rapana and mussels — 350-530, fresh — from 200.

After nearly an hour of wandering along the shore of the Black sea free place managed to be found where nobody expected — in a regular table, something like our buffet. Very decent and relatively inexpensive, the newcomers do not look here will probably think it beneath their dignity.

We arrived in the Crimea a few days after the removal of all limitations and realized that we are not wanted. We are, of course, necessary, but our tests no. The plane for the sake of a female voice warned that the entire flight should not take off the mask and generally socially distance themselves from other passengers. But how? If chairs are back to back. But in fact, no one, no one checked. Although a friend claimed that a few days before that, going to the Altai mountains in the tour, had five hours of flight time to hold strictly in Size.

Yes, in the “Sheremetyevo” before departure at the entrance really measured the temperature, and only.

Crimea is generally met with complete carelessness, apathy and the lovely lavender fields at the exit from the terminal building, last year they were not.

Colleague, also a Moscow journalist Lyudmila, resting here with her daughter since June. That is, they were at the peak of the “black season,” when it was all clear, open the Peninsula to outsiders.

— I live with relatives. Specially pre-stocked with all provisions of references that we have kovida at the airport stopped almost the whole Commission, asked for more paper and of the epidemiological environment, and we don’t have such. Thank God we managed to prove that we were going to a family property here, sent documents vatrapu, and only�� so we missed. Otherwise promised to send to the Observatory.

However, as the story goes, free the Crimean Observatory, which recently settled all suspicious, were equipped on the basis of three-star hotels with meals. Almost Lafayette! Only without the sea.

Today, the growth of bookings in Crimea increased by 16% compared to the same period last year. The occupancy of hotels in the current season reaches 95-100%. This was proudly announced by the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vadim Volchenko.

And, surprisingly, more budget options such as “to rent a room from the hostess” anywhere in Gurzuf and Sudak, be found over the Internet much faster than honey, which is sold cleaned. The hotel we were in is 8 thousand per night, and Packed until September. And this is not a luxury option.

And people still coming. And appetites are rising. For discerning travellers, accustomed each year to relax in Miami, very different prices and services. Cheap they do not understand. At the beginning of autumn here offer tours all-inclusive five — star boutique hotel with full Board, sea cruises, coach, yoga, meditation in the mountains, in a double room will cost… 130 thousand rubles. Air flight is paid separately.

like we care

“What do kovid really exists? Come on!” — her eyes wide, looked at us by others. Not only the locals come in large numbers too.

That is, first I didn’t want to tell you that recovered from the infection but when your face begins to say that you don’t exist, to remain silent, to be honest, impossible.

“What exactly are they? Maybe you just had pneumonia? Oh, how can that be? Now I’m afraid of you”. “This monologue of the hostess of the guest house where I also said that he had been ill,” shared 40-year-old Hope, mother of many children from Moscow.

Anyway, “our”, that is undergoing a coronavirus, in the Crimea very much. See painted pictures of the tape in social networks. The local climate is really a rescue and panacea from everything.

“I had swine flu about five years ago, and believe me, he carried much heavier coronavirus” — assured me the doctor at the sanatorium, where I came for water treatment.

— You have something to compare? I’m just too sick with swine flu.

the Doctor shrugged his shoulders and chuckled. I didn’t convince him. He had never seen living patients and survivors Kovalam, but he knew exactly what we. It’s easier.

What else can you say about the epidemiological situation? Coughing everywhere. On the beach, in canteens, in restaurants…

I’ve been working out now for every stranger sigh/exhale, but many people probably don’t notice.

Perhat began about a week after it’s out. Which is quite logical. Can’t ��e to be such that everything arrived in good references, which no one besides is now not required. Must be at least one case, where one is, there are a couple of days will be a lot.

However, the influx of heavy davidnyc in the hospitals of the Crimea is not observed. Officially for the whole period here was it less than a thousand people. Died — 13. The hospital is empty. I think if it were otherwise, people would have a different attitude to their own safety, this will not hide.

So what’s the deal?

most Likely, the rest, if not in the nest, the infection is transferred to the legs, for the most part a little blood, but if you have to buff out the Crimean wines.

But people EN masse stacks don’t fall off and will not run. Fact.

Although antibiotic us in several pharmacies to sell without a prescription is not wanted in any. Barely persuaded. Explained vigilant pharmacist before leaving, gave to the beauty of Botox and wounds do not heal.

an Antibiotic is out of ice-cream to celebrate a healthy life. Ice cream, by the way, is delicious, but the cheap and simple — a hundred rubles.

the eyes opened stores. Some of the hosts from the Ukraine, many people still are unable to get here to personally monitor its outlets, stalls, tiny hotel. Trying through the DNR. Because the state border between Ukraine and Russia are still locked.

there are problems with the staff. Before the maids and waitresses worked mainly Ukrainian girls. Now you’re trying to gain from Russia, invite students. 15-17 thousand rubles per month for 12 hour day. Seduce free housing in the hostel and the sea.

“I’m on the food already can not look — sigh 20-year-old Ksenia from Tula region. — I thought at least naseaus. Now just to drag myself down to the bed and pass out. And at five in the morning again to get up. Day off once a week, but to the beach this month so far and have not reached. To work until mid-September for the contract. Don’t know how I will manage to study, if only fall will leave the remote control”.

ATMs are functioning in one, but in principle, store cards are accepted, no problems with it. Although a couple of times suggested to pay by transfer, which is not very convenient.

a Separate universe — a second market. Here there is everything: cherries — 150, apricots — 100, watermelons — 35, however raspberry — 300 tray. At desire it is possible to find and more expensive.

And that is much more useful black sea lobster, shrimp, mussels and even lobsters… a Coworker for two months stay settled down and became almost his told of a secret place where you can buy the best available: “Octopus, by the way, we met only once, so I don’t know, 610 per kg is expensive or cheap?”

And drive away all this cu��skogo abundance of either end of the Yalta costs only 17 rubles on a minibus.

Cashback home

the Temperature in the day when we left, plus 27. Water plus 25. Back in rainy, windy, not the July Moscow wanted to cry!

And then the Prime Minister Mishustin promised to return the money to all who chose domestic tourism. This budget will allocate as much as 15 billion rubles. Hurrah! Maybe it will turn out, to come back to Yalta?

However, immediately revealed that the number of conventions and rules that need to adhere to in order to get cashback, is that it is better not to try. However, as always.

List of towns and villages, relaxing in which the tourist will be able to issue a partial refund has already been approved by the Federal Agency for tourism. The tour operators sent out the invitation to participate in this program to stimulate sales on domestic routes.

At the cost of the tour to 50 thousand rubles, the vacationer can expect a discount of 5 thousand rubles., up to 75 thousand rubles and 10 thousand, 75 thousand and above 15 thousand

However, these bonuses will be available only to those who go to relax on 1 October. Pay for discount tour can only map the “World”. But the most offensive is that the regions demanded from citizens of Crimea, Krasnodar territory, St.-Petersburg, in the project do not participate. Really, why should they?!

But you can go to Nizhny Novgorod, or even in a… Khabarovsk Krai.

Elena from Tambov, positive young retired, resting in Kabardinka near Novorossiysk: “this year I chose the budget bus tour. Travel, meals and accommodation in econometer. The bathroom is two feet away. Too convenient. On the basis of clean and cozy. The cost — 18 000 rubles. Beautiful waterfront, prices in the cafe are reasonable. Drinking water in 5 liter bottle — 60 rubles. Beer — from 80 to 130 per Cup. Goatfish — serving from 150 to 220 rubles.

to go Down to the sea — the stairs six meters. The exterminator is, the temperature measure, the resettlement of single one in a quarantine order that pleased me, families live together.”

Anastasia and Artem, newlyweds have a rest in Sochi: “We’re here, we can say the first time was only with my parents as a child, so nothing to compare with.

the Beach is full of Imereti, all literally sitting on each other’s heads. Prices, we think, higher than in Moscow.

The liked the holiday in Turkey — where all services within a compact walking distance, and the format of “all inclusive” is very convenient, but here we are a week on food managed to spend more than accommodation — about 50 thousand. Of course, you can do all this, not to go to restaurants to buy their own products in online stores, but where is the rest, if not here and now? The city itself is beautiful, well-maintained, with developed infrastructureth, with us resting a couple who is going to buy a house here, say, 90% of new buildings are in demand Muscovites.

About the trip not regret. Although, of course, if in Turkey the Russians were allowed in June, we wouldn’t be here. As for the masks, have not seen any, anyone, neither in stores nor in Krasnaya Polyana, neither in the train nor at the airport…”

Marina with 10-year-old daughter Masha, rest in Yalta: “to be honest, I really did not like. We took a preferential trip to a children’s resort, specifically, which was positioned, but in fact received the summer camp of Soviet times.

Water on the knee, while us “lucky”, the cold currents, and it dropped to 18 degrees, it is impossible to swim, on the Central promenade, there are no people. I have the feeling that we are in the desert. Maybe because it came in early July, before many.

the Dining room is in a sort of plastic tent, at the entrance are broken and crumbling sinks for washing hands, are dirty remnants for disinfection. They say that in the beginning of the season was a buffet, but we did not find it. Removed for the purposes of epidemiological safety.

On the third day my daughter got the rotavirus and fell… Well, I knew exactly — it’s not cowed, as in the spring both had been ill, but it was still awful.

the impression that, for us, absolutely no one tried, they say, nowhere people nowhere, with the kids still go here”.

Pauline, Dmitry, 10 years of Cooking and 5-year-old Bob, onhas otdyhali in Karelia (by the way, it was worth the wait to October, this region is included in the program cashback): “Lived in the cottage 8 bed house for 8000 rubles per day. It is not that we are rich. Just all booked up until September, there is no free home. And this was in the process of completion, we believe that we are miraculously lucky. Other prices around that range, but it’s Packed.

Mask seen once, in the store in the city Lahdenpohja. On prices do not pay attention — quick to pop up in a hurry, but it seems adequate. The weather was perfect, the heat, the sunsets, you can swim, white nights — it was raining when I drove off. Had to go pick mushrooms. Full of blueberries. There are no mosquitoes. Fish. About organized tours did not see ads except feeding reindeer. Very clean, despite the fact that the full base of people, but anybody like would not be seen. All on the water, on boats. There were driving 12 hours (with the stops) is a great track, the tube only by Peter small. In General, all very relaxed and nobody is afraid.”

Mila, Denis and 3-year-old Kiera rest in the village of Lermontovo, Krasnodar Krai: “we understand that business owners still dipped slightly due to the temporary downtime. They even offered us a more expensive room on the basis of only ��so we stayed for a week. We got three thousand for the house triple a day. Houses of wood, two masters with separate outputs. The cicadas are singing. To sea three minutes, to the dining room — a minute. Food is paid separately. RUB 600 per day.

We, in my opinion, there are some go with antibacterial wipes to the dining room, wipe all the dishes, a table, the child. Workers themselves, however, wear masks and gloves. And the rest if the moon fell down. People hanging out, enjoying life, riding in the sea on a banana, walking in the amusement Park.

of Course, a little bit scary from this universal relaxation, but the child needs to lift immunity, the fall is coming, what to expect — is unclear…”