With March 1 marking shoes will be mandatory

the Introduction of mandatory labelling of shoes will significantly reduce the number of illegal products in stores. Photo: AP

the label on the package (box, pack) of shoes. If not, then on the shopping label. To do this, manufacturers require special codes. The cost of one is 50 cents without the VAT. As reported by “RG” in the center of the advanced technology development (CRPD), which is the operator of the project, the introduction of marking will not increase the cost of shoes. Furthermore, prices may decline because of falling competition in the industry – the market will take those who do not want to work under the new rules.

Photo: Juefraphoto / istockphoto Deputies propose to label drugs, dangerous for drivers

an experiment on the labelling of footwear started in the summer of 2018. As reported in CCT, the system has already signed up nearly 41 thousand companies.

the System is ready to start mass scanning of shoes marked in retail and provides the results to 1.5 million codes per minute, said in CRPT.

in addition to the codes, companies need to integrate their accounting system with the marking system. “Some of the participants in order to fulfill the requirements for transfer to the marking system of traffic information products, you also need to update their software – it will also need some time,” said state Secretary, Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor Evtukhov.

Until July 1, 2020, all companies must complete the marking of their products. Unrealized until July 1, 2020, the remains of footwear must be marked by September 1. Imported into the Russian Federation products after July 1, but acquired prior to July 1, to be marked to 1 August 2020.

Photo: Denis Abramov/RIA Novosti Business ordered more labels for marking Shoe than expected

has issued over 1.35 billion codes. Initially, DISCOVERY Research Group estimated the volume of Russian footwear market in 329 million pairs. “As a result of whitewashing the industry was at 400% more than it was considered before introduction of the labeling,” – said in CRPT.

“the Ministry encourages companies not to postpone the beginning of work in the system until the last day, not to wait for July 1 and already now actively prepare for the introduction of labelling in the industry,” said Evtukhov.

the system of mandatory labelling has been joined by manufacturers of fur products ,tobacco products, ready to go proizvoditeli of drugs.