Under the heading “NZZ Digital” launched the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” a Video on the topic: “Who owns the city? The new class struggle to Live”. In the accompanying text, the “NZZ says,” what it’s about: “52 minutes about real estate as a favorite investment, Housing as a fundamental right and the city as an elite project.”

And so everything is already mentioned, what are the people in the cities is of concern currently. In short the life in this society in this time.

Because what is Living? It is what makes the existence of life. Have a home set up, in the own four walls.

“own”? What’s easy to say that, therefore, the mark hits. The least people live in the own four walls, in apartments which belong to them as property.

The “Live” in capitalist society, a Dilemma is based on: The soil is a limited, i.e. not expanded. Nevertheless, the private owner shall not operate his business like any manufacturable consumer product: real estate act, real estate investing, real estate speculating.

Today, the investment in land and buildings, such as the “NZZ” provides a sober feast, “as a favorite plant”. One speaks of the “concrete gold” and living means by that property.

Only: What of the countless people in these Golden times, without a Residential property? They fear expulsion from the familiar home, from the familiar quarters – from the life they previously led.

Because this is Living”:” life!

The apartment is of vital importance – a Lebensgut. The safety at home, safe to be in society, is a prerequisite to feel as a citizen and to act as a citizen.

So it is with social security, which depends on the apartment security inseparable: it is the basis of civil Self – consciousness, and thus of personal freedom.

All this, however, is questioned by the speculation in real estate and the Acquisition of a residential parts of the city by a wealthy clientele who can afford exorbitant rents. The “NZZ” therefore: “The city as an elite project”.

What do you mean: “super-rich” – the Zurich-based sheet – conquer layers of living, in which during decades of normal wage earners lived in: workers ‘ families who could afford only “normal” Rent. You will be expelled. In Zurich, the Seefeld is a negative example for a district, the auswechselte in a short period of time its population: A young, hip, well-off layer, the renovated and solid rents for residential houses populated to the East of lake Zurich – the Büezer had to see where you stay.

just because The new class struggle to Live “begins”, as the “NZZ” calls it. Capitalism undermines its own foundations, by crushing, which strengthened him so far: to view The citizens ‘ sense of belonging, to each other, live with each other: social modest families and Better-off, even Rich together in the same neighbourhood, the children in the same school!

It was the opposite of class struggle. Now, however, there are residential classes. And the Misfits are starting to fight back: in Berlin, in London, in New York …

So begins since the class struggle: by capitalists, the need is actually so wondrously creative capitalism for their own private greed, miss.