Belarus has completed the test phase for the establishment of a network of electric charging systems, which electric vehicles can be recharged free of charge. From July the cost of electricity will be about 30-40 cents per 1 kW/h.

free charging of electric cars operated in the country since 2014 and passed in test mode.

the Initial step in the development of a network of EZS in Belarus we have successfully completed has established more than 260 EZS. This is enough to service thousands of electric vehicles. And we can logically proceed to the next step – economic development of the network, – said the Agency BelTA Deputy Director of “Belorusneft” Andrew the Seal.

According to him, electromobile will be two times cheaper than gasoline. The difference in price is intended to make the electric vehicle more attractive in comparison with classical cars. In addition, the company expects foreign motorists, as electricity will be much cheaper than in Europe.