Alfons Schuhbeck has to go to prison for three years and two months. No sooner has the verdict been pronounced than his business partners distance themselves from the star chef. “Schuhbecks Teatro” will only be called “Teatro” in the future. “Far-reaching changes” are necessary, it is said.

Shortly after the verdict against the star chef Alfons Schuhbeck, the founding family of the “Schuhbeck Teatro” announced a renaming to “Teatro”. “The dinner show is changing its previous name effective immediately,” said a statement released shortly after the verdict.

“After years of successful cooperation with Alfons Schuhbeck, the current situation requires far-reaching changes.” It was decided a few months ago that the catering would be implemented on their own. The guests will still be served the current Schuhbeck menu.

The founding family Zipse further states: “Although the cooperation has come to an end, the Teatro and the Zipse family remain on friendly terms with Alfons Schuhbeck.”

Alfons Schuhbeck has been behind bars for three years and two months for tax evasion. In addition, the star chef has to pay back one million euros.

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Together with the “Ask the State” portal, Jan Böhmermann has published the NSU files of the Hessian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, which have so far been kept under lock and key. The state wanted to keep the investigative report secret until 2134.

Jürgen Döschner has been working for WDR for 38 years. But it’s not enough work for the WDR veteran – he’s suing his broadcaster. Döschner’s lawyer sees the rejection of topics as a “de facto ban on working”.

The state of Baden-Württemberg is tipping the obligation to wear masks in nursing homes on its own initiative. Health Minister Manne Lucha (Greens) told the German Press Agency in Stuttgart that the facilities were informed of this change by letter on Friday.

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