The project is called the Security Union. With it, the European Union wants to tackle cross-border threats more centrally. The EU Commission would also like to receive better data on passengers. The aim is to prevent serious crime, terrorism and illegal immigration.

Specifically, the EU wants better API data, as announced this week. The acronym stands for Advance Passenger Information. The US is already using this data on travelers.

Before departure, your border authorities will receive lists of the passengers who will be arriving with various additional information.

There is also API data in Europe, but it has not yet been used generally and uniformly. This should change with the proposal of the EU Commission.

Specifically, Brussels wants the collection of API data for flights within the EU or to and from destinations in the EU to become mandatory and that a uniform approach is taken. In addition, they should improve in quality and be transmitted centrally.

Among other things, the name, passport number, nationality, the transport code number, date of birth, departure and arrival time and the original place of departure are recorded. The European Parliament and the European Council must agree for the proposal to be implemented.

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

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