David H.* (34) is one of the worst speeders, according to Swiss roads on the road: on the night of 10. February, the German was caught speeding on the A7 with 249 kilometers an hour (LOOKING told)!

“I don’t know,” says the chemical lab technician on the question of what had driven him to his tempo, excess, now, in front of the district court of Winterthur.

“at the Moment I didn’t think much of it. In retrospect, of course, it was a stupidity.” The man, the blochte after deduction of the margin of safety 122 km/h too fast, not in his nature like a classic racer.

racers don’t want to have noticed speed

David H. seems meager, talking as much as necessary. And yet, the least he two months even in addition to tuned Seat Leon ST Cupra, the most powerful model of the Spanish brand.

“It was nice to drive one of these special models,” explains H. the acquisition. On the day he was caught speeding, he’d been with his girlfriend for dinner in Winterthur.

Curiously enough, On the way home David H. will have a tremendous speed not at all noticed! “I was in thoughts, because I had some problems,” he said.

girlfriend asked to be late to

And the girlfriend in the passenger seat? “You did not respond. It was only when the red light (from the strobes, the Red.) to flash, she asked me why I’m so fast,” says H.

The district court of the speeders for gross traffic rule violation in 20 months probation on the way. Just as it is the public Prosecutor and the defence had applied for this abbreviated procedure.

H. do not need in jail, and the release of his driver’s licence but for an indefinite period of time and also his Seat he had to the Leasing company surcharge return.

Breaking: David D. had to give up his ticket already. Ten years ago, he was involved in an accident under the influence of alcohol in a curve to the left.