Wishing to resign over coronavirus doctors gave advice

the Doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski said that in recent years began to receive many letters from medical professionals from different countries. They ask what to do in a situation when working with infected mers patients have without PPE. In the video on YouTube Komorowski gave advice to doctors, which visits the desire to quit.

“Like soldiers on the battlefield can not escape, so the doctor cannot leave his patients,” — said Komorowski. However, the difference between them, according to the doctor, is that doctor, working without personal protective equipment, not only endangering himself but the lives of their loved ones.

People who want to quit because of these conditions, it is recommended to first think about whether they are at risk. “If you’re over 60, if you have obesity, Smoking, hypertension, you need to leave,” concluded the doctor. He added that the lifeguard should always be confident in their own security: “Legally and morally wouldn’t do any good if you die next to your patients.”

in addition, he advised them to consider whether they will be able to survive the outbreak of coronavirus not returning home. Komorowski also noted that physicians need to consider that medicine is a meaning of life for many. “Do not betray their ideals just because your main doctor — villain. Just because he sits, like a mouse, afraid to open his mouth to not get a slap on the wrist from the mayor, from the Governor,” said the doctor.

Earlier, Komorowski explained why some people are not infected with coronavirus, even after contact with an infected person. He said that this possibility is a local immunity.